Organize your supplies by brand or designer.

If you like to keep your supplies organized by brand or designer, our Monica Buddy Bag could be the perfect solution.  She's small enough that you can grab her with just one hand, but large enough to hold a bunch of different supplies.

Tim Holtz product organized in Monica Buddy Bag
Organize Tim Holtz distress supplies in the Monica bag.

One thing I regularly mention during organization class is keeping things together you use together.  If you use Tim Holtz products together, you may want to store them together that way.

Include samples of each item in your color catalog and include a reference to tell you where the products are stored.  In this case your reference might just be "Monica" bag.  If you have multiple Monicas, you may need to also give them a number; Monica 1, Monica 2, etc.

Cataloging your colors serves several purposes.  Creating a catalog reminds you of what you've got in your supply collection.  Catalog pages present an accurate representation of color, and creating the catalog forces you to test all of your supplies to make sure they are still in good working order. Dried up inks, paints and pens can be replaced before you get half way through a project and realize your perfect blue is perfectly dried up.

If you haven't taken our Color Your World Get Organized Challenge, there's another one happening live on Tuesday (2-21-2017).  Please do feel free to join me for this free Livestream class - learn more.

I was able to load TH Distress paints, inks, stains, and glitters into the Monica Bag.  The clear sides and top make it even easier to find what I'm looking for!

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