4 Steps to organize stencils and templates

How to organize stencils and templates in Totally-Tiffany organizers.

Like most things, stencils and templates are easy to organize when you have a good system and great organizers.

The system for organizing stencils is 4 easy steps!

Step 1 - Make a list

Create a list of all the categories for which you have stencils. This list will include things like:

  • Holidays (Easter & Christmas)
  • Sentiments (Birthday & Thank you)
  • Themes (Sports & Travel)
  • Generic Designs (Dots, Stars, Flourishes, etc).

If you've taken classes previously, you probably already have a themes and sentiments list that will work well.  The biggest difference here is the category of generic design - I've referred to this as Boarders and Backgrounds in previous classes.

Step 2 - Choose and load & your organizer

Choosing the right organizer will depend on how you craft and where you craft.  I've given examples below of the organizers we make and a notation of which type of crafter would best use each one.

The ScrapRack 

If you're using a ScrapRack you can incorporate your stencils and templates easily. The most common sizes for paper crafting stencils are 3x4, 6x6, and 12x12.  Each of these will fit comfortably into the ScrapRack pages shown below.  Stencils can be on a Spinder of their own, or mixed into your ScrapRack by theme, holiday, etc. This is a personal preference.  I've got mine mixed into each category, with a separate Spinder of generic design stencils.  The ScrapRack is the most versatile of all the products we make - it works great if you have a craft room where it can be set up all the time. It's easy to store if you craft at the dining room table and need to put it away after each use. It travels easily in tote if you prefer to craft at crops or other events. If you're unfamiliar with the ScrapRack, you can learn more about it here.

Prefer to keep your stencils and templates out and accessible?

If you've got shelf space or desktop space, and you don't travel with your supplies, using an open organizer is ideal for accessibility.

The Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer (DSSO) box from our Desk Maid line is ideal for organizing stencils and tracing templates like the Kiwi Lane brand.  Each of the sections in the DSSO can be divided to best fit your stencils and templates.

Use our Fab File, tabbed file pockets or our Die, Stamp, & Stencil pockets to help protect and label stencils.  Use the Kiwi Lane pocket cards to organize Kiwi Lane templates.

In the image above left, the dividers are in the Die, Stamp & Supply organizer, to separate out 3x4, 6x6, and 12x12 stencils.  In the image above right, I removed all the dividers and filled the Die, Stamp & Supply organizer with the 12" Kiwi Lane organizer pockets.

If you need your templates and stencil to be portable, use our Companion Cart, the Die, Stamp & Supply organizer fits perfectly in any of the 3 cart baskets (pictured left). The DSSO will also fit in your IKEA Raskog cart.

Sometimes at home, sometimes away - solutions for crafters who need to put things away after each use.

These 2 options will work for you if:

  • You have a craft room but need to store things in cupboards or cabinets.
  • You store your craft supplies in a different area than you work in or you work in multiple areas of your home.
  • You mostly or always craft away from home.

Option 1 - 12x12 Craft Binder with ScrapRack Pocket Pages

This is an easy way to build an organizer that is perfect for your stencil stash.  Choose one of our craft binders and then add ScrapRack pages with 3x4, 6x6, or 12x12 pockets and a set of dividers and you'll be ready to organize.

Option 2 - Fab Files 12x12, 6x6, or 8x8

Fab Files are a lightweight and inexpensive storage option.  Each of the Fab Files listed above includes 5 tabbed file pockets.  Additional pockets are available.  Organize your stencil by size and use our Shut Your Flap label tabs to easily label each pocket.  Pockets will hold 2-3 stencils depending on the thickness of your stencils.

4x6 Fab File with small Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets

If you're working with small stencils, kiwi lane accents, or brass stencils, creating a "file" in a 4x6 Fab File is a great solution.  I put each of my stencils into a small Die, Stamp & Stencil pocket - this brought them all up to a uniform size.  These pockets are easy to label with a Shut your flap tab or your label maker.  I slipped cardstock dividers between each category.

Step 3 - Load your stencils into your organizers

After you've chosen your organizer (s), load your stencils into the organizer.  You can arrange them by theme, holiday, or design type.

Step 4 - Label and catalog

Adding labels will make it easier to find what you're looking for.  Creating a catalog will ensure you remember what you have and also will help you find it.

I strongly recommend creating a catalog of your craft supplies - stencils included.  If you've taken classes in the past you may have created a catalog for your stamps, dies and/or punches.  If so, you can follow the same process and add your stencils into your existing catalog.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Happy Crafting!

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