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Babies, Beach, Birthday, Travel...these are all common scrapbooking and card making themes.  If you're using a ScrapRack you've got all of these things organized together by theme.  If you're not using a ScrapRack, you may need a little help getting your themes together.  For smaller themes, The ScrapMaster is a good solution.

With 6 pockets, this file folder will hold a variety of embellishments, scraps, and 12x12 paper too.

The front and back pockets of the ScrapMaster file folder are large enough to accommodate sticker sheets, die cuts, and large scraps of paper.  The pockets are open at the top, so items that are longer than 12" can still be stored in these pockets.

The interior pockets on the left side gusset out to almost 1".  Loading these pockets with bulky embellishments is easy and your embellishments stay visible.

If you're trying to organize smaller categories within a theme - die cuts, stickers, bling, or in the case of this travel collection, die cuts, London, France, Japan... our 5x7 Stamp Pockets can be very helpful.

Up to 5 of our 5x7 Stamp Pockets can be stored in the the upper left hand pocket of the ScrapMaster

Labeling tabs and pockets

I used our small Shut Your Flap tabs to label each Stamp Pocket and our large Shut Your Flap tabs to label the tab on the ScrapMaster.

You can write directly on the pocket tabs or Scrapmaster tabs as well.

I like to use our sticky tabs for 2 reasons - 1) they add a little color, and 2) they're easily removable if you want to relabel the pockets.  You can also write directly onto the Shut Your Flap tabs.  I use the label maker just because it looks a little neater than my handwriting.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  If you've got a creative way to use our Stamp Pockets, ScrapMaster or Shut Your Flap tabs, I hope you'll take a moment to share your ideas with us by using the comment box below or emailing us directly -

Happy Crafting,

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