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It's time to organize your handmade cards so you can find them and use them.  Like most things, the key to organizing is having a system that works with your life.  Card blanks are easy because they're usually going to stay in your craft room or with your craft supplies, but the cards you've made are a different story.

Cards "to send" need to be where you'll actually send them.  This could mean keeping them in more than 1 place.  Do you allow other members of your home to access and send the cards you've created?  If so, that adds another layer to where and how they'll be stored.  Maybe you have some cards you're willing to share with family, and some you want to keep for yourself - maybe for a card swap - adding yet another layer...

Here's what I recommend for cards that are ready to send.

Fab Files - either the 4x6 or the 5x7

These sturdy little boxes are perfect for grouping cards together by sentiment.  They're easy to store on a shelf in your craft room or in your companion cart.
If you allow your family members to use your handmade cards,  having these boxes neatly labeled helps them find exactly the sentiment they're looking for.

If you want to control access or limit which cards they can choose, try keeping a box in your kitchen, family room, or home office - wherever your family gathers.  Let them know that these cards available for their use.

A little personal story - 

When my boys were in high school, we would take a few minutes after dinner each Thursday for what I called, "Thankful Thursdays".  Each of the boys had their own box of Thank You cards and a couple of sheets of stamps.  On Thursday nights after dinner they would choose a card and write a note to someone, showing their gratitude and appreciation for some act of kindness, large or small.  Usually a teacher, coach, or family friend.  They were also really good at stretching out birthday gift thank-yous and holiday thank-yous over a few weeks.  

If you want to encourage your kids or other family members to show their appreciation more often, maybe a box of just Thank You cards would get them motivated.

If you're a card maker but you occasionally find yourself running into Target to buy a card, it's probably because you need a card NOW!!  Fill a Fab File with a variety of cards and put it in the trunk of your car.  I use the 5x7 Fab File for this and also keep stamps and roll of tape in the box.  The tape comes in handy if I'm adding the card to a gift box or bottle of wine, etc.

Need an extra layer of protection?

If you're a heavier embellisher, and I mean that in the nicest way, you may want to add an extra layer of protection to your cards when you store them.  Try using our Big Fat Flippin' Storage Binder and Flippin' Storage Pages.  Each page has 11 Flippin' pockets - 6 slightly larger than 4x6 and 5 slightly larger than 5x7 pockets.

Your cards stay safe and protected in the pockets, making it easy to "flip" through and choose what you need.  Each pocket will hold at least 2 cards - depending on the thickness of the embellishments.

Try placing one card facing forward in the pocket and one facing to the back.  Because the pockets are crystal clear it will be easy to see the cards in the back as you flip through.

Card Saver Binders

Our Card Savers binders are an easy "on the shelf" solution for storing cards by sentiment or theme.  Use the adhesive strips that come with the binders to create storage pockets by sticking the strips on envelopes.  Slip the back panel of the card into the envelope to leave the front of the card visible.  Use the included dividers to divide the binders into multiple themes or sections.

The Denise Buddy Bag - a portable card file.

The Denise bag was designed with dies and stamps in mind, which means she's dimensionalized for cards.

With 3 interior boxes, Denise is  a perfect little portable, storable, file for 4x6 cards.

Organize cards in each section by theme or sentiment.

Karen can handle larger cards

The Karen Buddy Bag was designed with card making in mind. She includes tabbed stamp pockets and tabbed die storage cards, but she also works well for organizing cards.  Her size and shape are more like a recipe file.

Of course, The ScrapRack is still my favorite option!

It's easy to find what you need and see what you've got when your cards are stored in your ScrapRack.  Whether you store the cards right in with your craft supplies in the 4 Section System, or you use a separate spinder just for cards, having them visible and accessible is easiest with a ScrapRack.

There are several ScrapRack pages that work well with standard card dimensions - The Fantastic Five for 5x7, The Fabulous Four for 4x6, The Flippin' Storage Page will hold both sizes. Try the Fab Four for 6x6 (these will also fit in the 6x6 Fab File, I forgot to mention that above.)

These pages will help you store completed cards, card blanks and other supplies too.

Thanks so much for popping by today to learn a little about storing your handmade cards.  I hope this post inspires you not only get them organized, but to get them out in the mail!!

Happy Crafting,

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