Monica, the Organize it all Organizer

As you may have noticed, one of my goals this year is to highlight a product a week.  We design and release products with a specific use in mind, then as soon as we introduce them to the you, you start coming up with other ways to use them.  It is my goal through this product series to share with all of you the ways in which some of you are using our products, and of course to show their design intention as well.

This week we're focused on the Monica Buddy Bag.  Monica was designed as the perfect tool for storing ink pads.

Ideal of organizing ink pads.
Ink pad organization

When loaded with ink pads, stand Monica on end to keep your ink pads flat.

Each Monica Buddy Bag will hold between 6 and 10 ink pads (varies by manufacturer).

Stay tuned in to my blog, or Social Media accounts to see a dozen ways to use your Monica bag.

Have some inks you need to organize?  Monica is on sale this week. Learn more or shop now.

Already own the Monica Buddy Bag? We'd love for you to share how you're using Monica.  Please post to our FB Group, or send the photos via email to

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