Messy Stamping Supplies – Contained!

As most of you know, our own Karen Slusher, Creative Catalyst, is an avid crafter.  Her office is regularly home to a variety of crafting supplies, on their way to or from somewhere.

Last week as I was standing in her office chatting, I spied this...

Inky, messy, stamping supplies, contained.
Organize stamping supplies

To give you a more clear description, it's a Monica Buddy Bag loaded with all of the messy stuff needed to do distress techniques. I asked her about the bag

Karen said, "Yes, I've been keeping my distressing supplies in a Monica bag for awhile.  I love the fact that I can see exactly what is in the bag.  I also love that I can wash it easily if I need to."

It seems that the uses for the Monica Buddy Bag are endless.

Are you using our Monica Buddy Bag? If so, for what and how? I'd love to hear/see your ideas.  Please do leave a comment below or post your pictures and thoughts on our Facebook Group.  You can also feel free to email your ideas directly,

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  1. This is genius….leave it to Karen to find another way to use a Monica bag. I use mine for everything from inks to photos to clear stamp blocks. But now I will be filling one with all those messy things I haven’t known what to do with. Perfect!

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