Meet Gail, she might just be your new BBBF

Buddy Bag Best Friend that is.

Gail was born to help you contain your paints and sprays.  She's a little taller than most of our Buddy Bags at 4.5" tall.  You might also consider using Gail for other supplies that are roaming around your craft room.

8 Craft Paint Bottles
Organze, sprays, mists, lg glitter glue

Close to My Heart Inks

Do you have CTMH fliptop type inks? The Gail bag will hold up to 9 of these ink pads.

Lay the Gail bag flat for storage, but move your ink families around easily when they're stored in the Gail bag.

Close to my heart ink pads, 9
11 Adhesive Runners in a Gail Buddy Bag

Adhesives/ Tape Runners

If you're like me you probably purchase tape runners in multi-packs. These seem to get spread all over my studio.  The Gail bag will hold 10-12 tape runners. Group them together in your Gail bag by type - Permanent, Repositionable, Vellum, etc. and they'll be easy to find, easy to use, easy to put away, and easy to travel with.

Quick Quotes Powder Puff Chalk Inks

These little ink pads are a favorite among so many crafters.  If you've got 1 you've probably got 16, which coincidently, is the number of them that will fit in 1 Gail Bag.

I'm just sayin'...

Our products are multi-functional. If you take a mini-mini bar in your crop tote (for medicinal purposes, of course), Gail might be the perfect partner.

What are you storing in your Gail Buddy Bag and how do you like it?  We'd love to hear your comments and ideas.  Please use the comment box below to share with us.

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Happy Organizing,

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    • It they’re the same size as the Stamper’s Fun Journey sprays they will fit in the Barbara bag. Here’s a link, click on the More Photos tab and you’ll see a picture of the SFJ bottles, I think they are green and orange. If you want to send us the measurements we would be happy to let you know if they will fit. If they are the same size as the SFJ sprays you can fit 8 of them in the Barbara Bag.

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