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I had the good fortune to get meet Terri Weigand in person at a Scrapbook Show this year.  Terri has been an incredibly active member on our Facebook group, helping others, making suggestions and of course supporting our brand.  I was delighted to finally meet her in person and tell her about the soon-to-be-arriving Terri Buddy Bag.  Now that the Terri bag has arrived, it's time for me to share it with all of you.

Terri  stands pretty all at 8.25".  She's just under 5" wide and 2.5" deep.

Terri's main purpose, long marker storage.  If you've got markers like TomBow or Artist Loft, the Terri bag is perfect.

When you're ready to use Terri, fold back her top and secure it with hook & loop strip on the back of the bag.  Close her up for travel or storage.

If you're using double-tipped markers you can lay Terri flat for storage.

You know Terri is great for markers, but what else can you do with Terri?

Terri, like many of the other Buddy Bags, is a great travel companion.  My travel power converter came with a black velvet travel bag.  While the little black bag is pretty, I have no idea what's inside it.

When I pack up my converter at the hotel in my Terri Bag, it will be easy to "see" that all the pieces are in the bag where they should be.

Everybody love a picnic!

But sometimes finding your plastic utensils can be a pain.  The Terri Buddy Bag is the perfect height for plastic utensils, napkins, and even straws.  Because she's clear, you know that you've got enough or that you might need to stop by the store and pick up a few more.  Because she's vinyl, you can easily give her a bath if she gets a little dirty.

Yes, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I come by it honestly though, my dad was the same way.  I used a Terri bag to round up all the little snacks and treats I have squirreled away in my office.  Now I know what I've got and where it is.  It's also easy to toss it in my bag and take it home for a refill, or add it to my Lois Clear Tote if I'm headed out on a road trip.

How are you using your Terri Buddy Bag?  We love it when you share your ideas with us.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Snacking,

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