Free Laura 2.0 Tote Details

Lauar 2.0 Buddy Bag Free Laura banner, Totally-Tiffany

Here’s how it works:
Select your preferred color for your Laura Tote, then add it to your cart.
Choose 10 Buddy Bags – you can mix and match whichever designs you prefer or choose all 10 of the same design.  Add those to your cart.
When you check out – use the coupon code Laura10Buddy and the price of your Laura Tote $39.99 will be deducted from your total.

Rules and Restrictions

Offer is valid through September 23, 2019.
Offer valid on new orders only.
No other coupons or discounts can be applied to this offer.
All Buddy Bags and Laura Totes must be ordered via this link.
Orders shipping to the same address may be combined at the discretion of Totally-Tiffany.
Only 1 special is permitted per order.