Label your Buddy Bags to remember their names

I don't want to offend any of our adorable Buddy Bags by saying they all look alike, but let's face it, they all look alike, especially when they're empty.

Remembering which are your favorites can be difficult when they're out of the packaging and in use in your craftroom, bathroom, closet, garage, etc.

Here's a quick easy way to label your Buddy Bags so you can remember who's who.

When you receive your new Buddy Bags, they come in a package that looks like this.  Remove the Buddy Bag carefully from the package so you preserve the name on the label.

Cut the name off the label - you can use either the large font on the front or the small font on the back.

Put the cut piece into the bottom of the bag, BEFORE you put the interior liner box into the bag.

Use the packaging to label your Buddy Bags by
Use the packaging to label your Buddy Bags by
Label your buddy bags.

Easy!  Now when you need another Buddy Bag, or when a crafty pal asks you which bag you're using, you'll be able to share the name with her.

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4 Responses to Label your Buddy Bags to remember their names

  1. I have been doing that since I got them. I have people ask me all the time which bag it is and I can just look at the name I put in it.

  2. Thats a great idea, thanks for sharing. I would also like to share a tip, as a fan who has built at least 50 buddy bags. Leave the protective film on until after you make the creases. This prevents the folds from splitting. I learned the hard way!

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