Why does everyone love Karen?

Karen was our first buddy bag designed with card making in mind.  She was introduced in 2015 as the foundation to the "Crazy for Card Making" organizer kit.  She's still one of our most popular girls.  In fact she's so popular that we recently released her as a stand alone buddy bag - with no Stamp Pockets or Sticky Die Storage Cards.

Yes, she is named for our own Karen - pictured here as Karen Kraftabout, she is in fact a card maker and crafter.

Not only is Karen super crafty (in the good way) she's also one of the major catalysts behind many of our new product releases.

I digress...

Karen Kraftabout crafts at home and away, in different areas of the house.

Crafter's love the Karen bag and all the parts that make up the Crazy for Card Making kit because it's perfect for organizing supplies that are designed for card making.

The liner box for the Karen bag is angled down like a recipe file.  Ideal for cards in variety of sizes everything is very visible and accessible.  Completed cards will also store neatly in a Karen Buddy Bag.

As I mentioned above, the Karen Buddy Bag, the Stamp Pockets, the Sticky Die Storage Cards, and now our 5x7 Magnetic sheets can all be purchased separately so you can build the perfect storage system for your supplies.

Use Karen for Dies and Stamps

Dies & Stamps organized by 4 section system

Use Karen for card blanks and envelopes

Oragnize card blanks for cards to send. Totally-Tiffany

Use Karen for completed cards too.

SNG13 Crazy for Card Making set, Die and Stamp Organizer

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little bit more about the Karen Buddy Bag and the Crazy for Card Making Organizer Kit.

Are you using Karen Buddy Bags in a different way? If so, we'd love to hear about it.  Please leave your ideas and comments in the comment box below.

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