How to organize dies in the Flippin’ Storage Binder

If you're looking for a lightweight and portable solution to die storage - the Flippin' Storage Binder might be just what you're looking for.  There's no argument that putting dies on magnetic sheets is a good way to store them.  The problem with magnetic sheets is they're HEAVY.

If you want to add dies to your Flippin' Storage Binder, you'll need a few things:

How to organize dies - Totally-Tiffany Flippin Storage Binder

Repositionable adhesive  - I use the one from Darice.

The packaging label from the die set or some other piece of heavy cardstock (preferably coated) or a sheet of heavy acetate.

Small, Medium & Large die storage pockets (varies by size of die set you will be storing).

A Flippin' Storage Binder or Flippin' Storage Pages and your own binder or ScrapRack.

4 Easy steps to adding dies to your Flippin' Storage Binder.

Step 1 - Gather everything together.

If you have a variety of die sizes you'll most likely want to have all 3 sizes of die pockets available.

In the image on right I'm working with larger dies, so I used the large pocket.

How to organize dies with totally-tiffany

Step 2 - Add adhesive

Put a few stripes of adhesive across the back of the packaging card.  If you're not using the packing a piece of coated cardstock or heavy acetate will work fine.

You don't need to cover the full card, just enough so each die is making good contact with the adhesive.

Step 3 - Stick the dies to the card

Place the flat side, non-cutting side of the die down on the card.

Insert the card into the pocket and press lightly.  Some of the adhesive might stick to the pocket, but it will pop off easily when you're ready to use the dies.

4x6 and 5x7 Die storage pockets.
Easy die organization with Totally-Tiffany

Step 4 - Add the die pocket to your Flippin' Storage Binder

You can insert the die pocket into the flippin' pocket with either the dies facing forward or the image on the packaging facing forward.  Whichever you prefer.


It isn't absolutely necessary that you "stick" your dies to something in order to store them in the Flippin' Storage Binder.

You can simply put the dies and the packaging into a die storage pocket and then add it to your binder.  The only difference, when you stick the dies to something, is they stay flatter and it's easier to see all of the dies.

Die pockets, easy die organization from Totally-Tiffany
Die organization with die, stamp & supply pockets.
Die, Stamp & Stencil Pockets help to organize dies.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn how to organize your dies using our Flippin' Storage Binder and our Die, Stamp, & Stencil pockets.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below or email them to us at

Happy Crafting!

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