6 more ways to use the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer

What else can you sort, organize and/or store in a Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer (DSSO)?  See the images and ideas below.

Stencils in all sizes

Stencils can be difficult to store - the little cut-outs tend to grab onto each other and get tangled up.  Try putting your stencils into a Fab File Pocket (available in 5x7, 6x6, 8x8, 8.5x11, or 12x12) and creating a filing system for your stencils.

Put multiple stencils in a pocket, separate them with a piece of cardstock.

Office Supplies

The movable dividers make the DSSO the perfect office supply organizer.  I created a tall section in the center for pens, pencils, scissors, etc. I removed the back section divider to allow space for file folders and notepads.  Adding our small divider boxes to the front created the perfect place for clips, rubber bands, push pins, etc.

Punch Boards & Supplies

If you love to work with Punch Boards, but aren't using them because you forget about them - or they're a pain to untangle - try storing them in a DSSO.   You'll be able to see them and access them. Small blades can be stored in the front section. Other supplies can be stored with the punch boards.

Planner & Bible Journaling Supplies

"Keep things together you use together." - you've heard me say it before. When you sit down to work on your planner or your Bible, you'll enjoy the experience even more when your supplies are visible and easy to access. I've got refill pages and stickers in the back. Punches, adhesives, and date stamps in the front.

I also added a few other products to my Planner DSSO. In the back section is a Shelly Buddy Bag loaded with planner washi tape. In the middle I've used a Debra Buddy Bag to hold me glitter gel pens. Also, in the middle, to the left, I've used our Stamp Pockets to hold small stamps, dies, stencil and other small planner supplies.

Quilting Rulers to Card Making

The dimensions of the DSSO make it a natural fit for so many different crafts.  Move your dividers around to create the perfect storage system for quilting rulers and sewing supplies.

You can also create section that are perfect for things like card blanks and other card making supplies.

Embossing Folders

Of course you can store Embossing Folders in the DSSO.  The dimensions and sections of the DSSO are perfect for embossing folders.  I would recommend labeling your embossing folders and/or cataloging them for easy access.

Die cutter platforms

You already know the DSSO is great for Die Storage, but did you know you can remove the back divider to create a perfect place for storing the cutting platforms for your die cutting machines?


Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn a little more about the our Die, Stamp and Supply Organizer.  If you're using one of these in a new or different way, we'd love to hear about it.  Please do leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. I so wish I had more shelf room so I could buy more of these…I absolutely love mine. I have my 12″ border Kiwilane templates in the back section with dividers (I use them the most) and then all my Mosaic Moments dies in the front sections. I pull my cart over and create! LOVE THIS!!

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