How to keep scrapbooking collections together within your paper storage system

Organizing your paper into 3 major categories - Themes/Sentiments, Calendar Year and The Rainbow is simply the best way to sort and store crafting paper.  Within those sections you may have collections of paper that you want to, and should, keep together.

I've listed a few of the products below that I would recommend for keeping your collections together.

Paper collection storage for your ScrapRack or 12x12 Craft Binder.

Supersized Single Storage Pack

These pages are designed to work in your ScrapRack or 12x12 Craft Binder.  Each one will hold up to 20 sheets of cardstock - which is usually a full collection with a little room to spare.  These can also be used in our regular Paper Storage Boxes.

Sideloader Single

This 12.5"x12.5" pocket page is made of heavier plastic than the Super Sized Single basic storage page above.  It will hold 20 sheets of cardstock or 30 sheets of paper.  Because it is a bit stiffer than the SuperSized Single it offers a little bit more protection for specialty or delicate paper. Sold in packs of 5.

Double-Sided Duo 2x1

The Double- Sided Duo pages each have a 12x12 pocket on the back and smaller pockets on the front.  The 2x1 which is pictured on the right has 2 6" x 12" pockets on the front.  Perfect for scraps, boarders, or other collection pieces that match the paper that is stored in the 12x12 pocket on the back. Sold in packs of 10 sheets.

Double-Sided Duo 4x1

This double-sided page has 4 pockets on the front and a 12x12 pocket on the back.  The smaller pockets are ideal for keeping scraps, stickers, or other embellishments together that match the paper stored in the back pockets. These are sold in packs of 10 sheets, but you'll feel like you're getting 20.

Expanding Project Planner 

Ideal for LARGE collections.  This organizer has pockets that gusset out on both the front and the back.  There is also a large 12.5"x12.5" pocket in the center so you really get MAXIMUM storage.  These will fit in  your ScrapRack or 12x12 Craft Binder, but you can also cut the edge off them and use them in a basket like a "file" or store them in your Paper Storage Boxes.  Sold in packs of 5.

Paper collection storage for your Paper Handlers or Paper Storage Boxes

Paper Pockets

Ideal for the 12x12 Paper Handler, these 12x12 pockets will each hold about 10 sheets of paper.

The tabs on the edge will show over the front of your Paper Handler.  Great for protecting fancy papers or layouts that are not quite finished.

Sold in packs of 3.

The die cut edges of this sand castle and beach paper are protected from damage in the Paper Pocket.

This layout is embellished and ready for photos. The Paper Pocket keeps the edges and corners of the embellishments from getting torn.

Collection Keepers

Last but certainly not least.  Collection Keepers come in packs of 3.  They are tabbed for easy labeling.  Each Collection Keeper has a 12x12 pocket on the back and 3 smaller pockets on the front.  The back pocket will hold about 5 sheets of cardstock. The smaller front pockets are ideal for stickers, scraps and other collection pieces.

Whether you're using a ScrapRack, binders or boxes it's a good idea to keep the things you use together, stored together.  These products will help you accomplish that goal. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below or email them to me at

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2 Responses to How to keep scrapbooking collections together within your paper storage system

  1. This post was helpful. Thank you! I have a TON of Quick Quotes page kits. I’m wondering about the best way to store them. Trying to decide how to organize them. Some could go into calendar year, others into themes. I’m open to any suggestions you can offer. Thanks.

    • Hi Jeannie –
      My recommendation is that you put them in the theme or color where you would be most likely to use them. If it’s difficult to get your brain around separating them, could you put them all in with your paper storage and add a label tab so at least you’ll be reminded that they are there when you look at your paper stash? T.

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