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September 25, 2017
Bonnie King has created a Travel Rainbow, I know that sounds like a way for unicorns to travel - you just might think this is a magical idea.
Here's Bonnie's story and a couple of picture too!

Organize 12x12 paper for travel in the Fab File.

First - I love the 12x12 Fab Files and the pockets that fit in them! I know Tiffany talked about using paper pockets for keeping delicate or special papers within vertical storage, but I've found the 12x12 divider pockets work well, too. Just thought I'd mention it - sometimes you gotta use what you have!

Second - I've created a travel cardstock rainbow, mostly because I was getting frustrated both when going to crops and after as I tried to keep my rainbow organized.

I've been scrapbooking for many, many years, almost exclusively away from home because I didn't have a dedicated space for crafting. In the last couple years - mostly thanks to Tiffany and the GOC - I've carved out a corner of a room and now have a pretty nice work space, but I still go to crops and weekend retreats. So I need to have storage at home, but also need to be able to easily travel with my supplies.

When I go to crops, I like to have a variety of cardstock colors with me. I know, I know, if I plan my pages ahead of time and pick out what I need, then I only need to take those things with me. But that's not my reality. I do plan ahead and select papers and embellishments to go with my layouts, but it never fails that when I'm at an event and the creative juices get flowing, I'll start thinking, "I wish I had that more purple-blue" or "I have a darker red at home - wish I would have brought it with me."

So I would spend time before a crop selecting a few sheets of several colors to take to have "just in case." Which was fine, except then when I'd get home, I'd have to put it all back, which sometimes didn't happen right away, so the stack of cardstock would sit somewhere - usually in my way. Now I have limited space - all my rainbow cardstock has to fit into two cubbies of my Kallax unit. It's in paper storage boxes, and they were packed tight. So tight I had trouble sliding the papers out, which was frustrating, too. So this summer I took some time to streamline the paper rainbow.

As I was sorting through each color and seeing that I had several sheets of many colors, I though, "Why not pull out several sheets of each color and create a permanent travel rainbow?" This would thin out the paper in my storage boxes and give me something I could take to crops that I wouldn't have to put back into storage when I got home. Sounds obvious in hindsight, but at the time it was quite an epiphany. So as I sorted, if I had several sheets of a color, two went in the travel rainbow, the rest in my paper storage boxes.

How to transport my travel rainbow? Enter the 12x12 Fab File once again. The divider pockets make great dividers, and because they are pockets, I can keep large scraps in them as I start using the paper at crops. As it turns out, I had quite a bit of paper pulled out for this travel rainbow; the 12x12 file got a little tight, so I decided to use the Strap-hinge Album Fab File instead. The 12x12 divider pockets are a perfect fit in there, too - yay! This travel rainbow fits right in my Office Depot cart along with my pages-in-progress in another 12x12 Fab File. Easy, convenient, and no more hassle. I come home and the travel rainbow slides onto a shelf - no need to try to put all the papers back into storage.

September 20, 2017

Minerva Soto Mayberry -

"I use the wrap slaps to hold my x-mas lights."

This is an easy way to control your tangle of lights.  The Wrap Slaps are coated with silicone so they won't damage the lights.

Thanks, Minerva, for sharing this cool idea!

September 18, 2017

This is the idea that gave me the idea for this page.  Lois Sellers, who is the namesake of the Lois All Event Tote, emailed to ask if the Ditto Bag would fit in the Lois tote.

The answer is YES!

Lois, your idea couldn't have been more timely! I cart my planner supply-filled Ditto bag back forth to the office everyday.  Today it's raining - the Lois Tote  is a great raincoat for my Ditto bag.

The big bonus for me is now I can put my Ditto bag over my shoulder instead of having to carry it in my hand.

If you're using the pocket in the middle of your Ditto Bag for a paper trimmer, you may have to take the trimmer out of the pocket while you've got your Ditto in your Lois Tote. (See pics)