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PLEASE NOTE:  The spinders Tiffany shows in the video have a 2-part locking mechanism.  Newer spinders have a simple 1-part open/closed mechanism.
ALSO – The phone number listed on the end slide is no longer valid.  Please call us at 253-284-9200 with your questions or comments.


1.  When adding small/loose items to the page pockets, using small zip bags is very helpful for keeping things together, as well as making it easy to take out and put back

2.  To help things from popping out of the pockets as you’re flipping pages, turn from the top corner rather than the bottom.  This pushes things INTO the pockets rather than up and out of the pockets.

3.  If the embellishments in the pockets are bulky enough to make the pocket gap open, try putting them into a deeper pocket.  Or get some Shut Your Flap tabs to ensure things stay put.  OR, if the items are flatter, try to put them into a pocket that the items will fit up to the top of the pocket (behind the flap). If your supplies sit below the opening of the pocket, the flap isn’t able to assist in keeping items within the pockets.

4. Unless you’re using a gusseted Embellishment Page, don’t over-fill your pockets with bulky embellishments.  For instance, if you have a bulk package of 200 black brads, just put 10-20 in a zip bag and into a standard pocket page in your ScrapRack, then put the rest in “back stock”. Find a place in a closet or on a shelf where you can put sorted, organized, labeled extras to refill your ScrapRack when the 10-20 get used up.  A note in the ScrapRack with the black brads reminding you there’s more in “back stock” will ensure that you can’t forget what you have!