Easy Start Organization Class

It’s a first for me!

This week I will teach my first Easy Start Organization class.  If you know me you’re probably thinking, “What? You teach all kinds of beginning organization classes”. That’s true, but this class is the first class I’ve ever taught that is product specific.  I’ll be addressing the best use of a particular group of products – The Easy Start Kit to be exact.

In the past I’ve avoided talking specifically about our products as I was afraid it would detract from the message, “Just Get Organized!” and discourage people from coming to class.

As you might already know, I believe in a “raising tide” philosophy. I believe it’s my job to help crafters get organized regardless of the tools they choose.

Organized crafters:

  • Craft more often
  • Get more done
  • Have more fun
  • Are more likely to encourage and inspire others to craft

This builds a strong industry for manufacturers, crafters and store owners alike.

All the explanation begs the question – so why am I teaching the Easy Start Class now?

It’s simple, really. The ScrapRack and the 4 Section System can seem truly overwhelming to some crafters.  Both in the physical process and in the monetary investment.

The Easy Start Class simplifies the physical process and offers a very affordable way to “test” The ScrapRack products and our Totally-Tiffany ideas.

So, if you’ve been waiting for either of these reasons, or if you’re just curious to learn more, I hope you’ll pop into the Livestream with me June 29th and check out my first Easy Start Organization class.  (Learn More.)  Registration isn’t necessary, but if you do choose to register you’ll receive the email reminders and other class information.  Curious about what’s in the Easy Start Class Kit? – Click here.

Thanks for dropping in to spend a couple of minutes with me today.

T block T-T 637.

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