Do you – Undu?

As you probably already know, I like things neat.

So when I put this label sticker on sideways, I knew it wasn't going to last.  I pulled out my Un-du.  If you're unfamiliar with this amazing stuff, I'll take you through the process.

Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (1)
Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (2)

First thing, put a little Un-Du on whatever it is you're trying to get undone. In my case this crooked label sticker.  Use the lid of the bottle to lift the sticker.  Then set the sticker upside down to dry - I actually stood my sticker up on its edge to dry.  Whichever way works, just as long as the original sticky surface of the sticker isn't flat on the table.

Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (3)
Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (4)

You can see the Un-du "wet" marks on the orange and yellow striped divider in the pictures above.

Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (5)
Un-du, planner tab, Organizer (6)

Once the "wet" marks disappear off the paper (and they will), you'll know the Un-Du has evaporated off your sticker as well. Like magic, the sticker will be "sticky" again.  Now you can put that sticker down in exactly the right place.

I've used Un-du on all types of paper, stickers, cardstock stickers, bling...even on photos - no problem.

If Un-Du isn't part of your craft supply collection, I'm strongly recommending you try a bottle.  Let me know what you think!

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12 Responses to Do you – Undu?

  1. I love UnDo! But when I switched to matte photo finishing, I noticed UnDo did a number on them. Switched right back to glossy finish!

  2. Undue is my favorite scrapbook tool. Couldn’t scrap without it. Amazing stuff. I change my mind all of the time. This comes in so handy to help with all my indecisions!!

    • Oh my, the light bulb in my head just flashed on! I’ve been using UnDu a lot in my card making, but never thought to use it to get old photos off of those horrid “magnetic” albums. Now I can get them off without damaging and continue a stalled project to get my photos re-organized. Thanks for mentioning this great use for UnDu!

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