8 ways to use our Die & Stamp pockets

When it comes to organizing craft supplies and tools, the key is keeping things visible and accessible, while protecting them from damage or getting lost.  Our Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets are an easy and inexpensive solution.  Here are just a few uses for these versatile pockets.

Kiwi Lane Templates

Keeping track of your Kiwi Lane templates is easy with you group them together into our pockets.  Store them by set and label them with a Shut Your Flap label tab.

Store the pockets in your ScrapRack pages or on your desktop in our Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.

3-D Embellishments or stickers

3-dimensional embellishments and stickers can really enhance your cards and scrapbooking projects. The trouble is, once you open the package, the unused items can be easily damaged.  Store them in a Die, Stamp & Stencil pocket to protect them until you're ready to use them.


Stencils come in a variety of materials; vinyl, plastic, even brass.  Organize them together by theme, holiday, or event.  Using a pocket keeps the stencil's delicate edges from catching on other items or getting ruined.

I used one of our small pockets for the brass butterfly stencil, then slipped it into a large pocket with my plastic stencils.

Precut pieces or extra pieces

Often times we cut items for a project, but don't use them.  If you've cut pieces, they're easy to keep for future use by storing them with the die in one of our pockets.

If you have lots of pieces you may want to use a second pocket just for the pieces.

Glue Dots, Pop Dots

Glue dots and pop dots seem to stick to everything after they're removed from their packaging.  Try storing glue dots, pop dots, etc. together by size or thickness in one of our pockets.

You'll protect them from damage and keep them handy, too.  These pockets can be stored in your ScrapRack or in our Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.


Dies come in all shapes and sizes. Dies are sold individually and in sets with multiple pieces.  Our Die, Stamp & Stencils pockets come in 3 sizes and will generally fit any die or set of dies.  I like to use our SYF tabs to label pockets and then store them in my ScrapRack or Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.

Stamp Organization

Clear or acrylic stamps and unmounted red rubber stamps can be organized in our pockets.  I like to include the packaging with my red rubber stamps because the images are sometimes hard to interpret.

Use a SYF tab (or your label maker) to label each pocket.


Dies & Stamps together

If you've tuned in to any of our classes, you've heard me say - "Keep things together you use together."  Dies & Stamps that come together need to be kept together.  Try slipping the dies and matching stamps into 1 pocket together and then organizing them by Theme, Holiday, or event.  If you've got lots of dies and stamps, a catalog and numbering system will be your best option for organizing.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a little about how to use our Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets.  I'm sure you'll have more/other ideas.  I hope you'll take a moment to share them with me/us by leaving a comment on this post. If you've got pictures of how you're using these pockets we'd love to see them, either in our Facebook Group or via email - CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

Have a crafty day!

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  1. I have a lot of stamps that need the Large Stamp Pockets. I’m using Denise for small and medium. What would you suggest for the Large size?

    • Hi Carrie – Are you looking for something on your desk or something that is portable? The Desk Maid 15″ Die, Stamp and Supply organizer will hold the large pockets for desk top storage. If you’re looking for something more portable, the 5×7 Fab File will also hold the large pockets. The Fab File is out of stock at the moment, but you can add your name to the waitlist and we’ll send you an email when they are back, which should be in about 2 weeks. Tif

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