Designer Accessory?

Giving your craft room, bedroom, bathroom, or home office a designer look might be as easy as picking up a can of spray paint at your local hardware store.

While I'm not generally a "gold" girl, the bathroom at my new house has a gold framed mirror.  Tying in a couple of accessories was easy with a can of gold spray paint.

I keep a Rotating Design Board in the garage, it's perfect for this type of project.

My "everyday" cosmetics are stored in this gold - Pen and Ink Palace.  It looks nice enough to leave out all the time, but it's also easy enough to put under the counter if I need to "tidy-up" for company.

Some paints work better than others on the Desk Maid products.  Test your paint on the bottom of your item. Be sure the item is clean.  You may need to swipe it with some superfine sand paper prior to painting.  If you do, be sure to clean off thoroughly.  I got the best result when I sprayed VERY light coats of paint and let them dry completely before applying the next coat.  The Rotating Design Board was really helpful ensuring that I covered every angle without having to touch it to move it.

Have you, or will you, decorate your Desk Maid items?  Are you using them somewhere other than your craft room?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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