A day at HSN – it’s fun there!

It’s 3:00am and I’m headed from my hotel to the HSN studios.  It’s kind of amazing – HSN is open and fully staffed for 24 hours a day.  There really is no down time. When I arrive I’m greeted by the production assistants at the studio entry.  They’re an upbeat group of people who do their best to remember the names of all of their guests even though some of us are only around a few times a year.

Next I head down the hallway and into the sample room where I pull the items I will show on air. They are stored on large carts that are labeled with letters of the alphabet.  Each letter represents an hour of the day.  Today, I’m working on the “H” show – on air time is 7am-7:59am.

Craft days are quite busy as there are many more guests than on a regular HSN day.  All the regular gals are buzzing around the hall getting their show tables set up. Holly Fossen, Beth Kingston, Lisa Bearnson, Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Sara Davies and Anna Griffin are all working on their show tables in the long hallway.

Show tables are lined up against the wall.  Each table is marked with a show hour and product numbers.  There’s a full crew of people who map out the hallway to ensure they will know exactly where to find each table as the show time comes up on the schedule.  All of the tables are on large casters so they are easy to push, but steering them through the hallway is not an easy task.

Just a small part of the HSN Show prep hallway.
Just a small part of the HSN Show prep hallway.

Once my tables are set up and ready to go, I’ll meet with the HSN host I’ll be appearing with on air.  Today it’s Tamara Hooks and Callie Northagen.  The show hosts know the products well and have spent time researching and reviewing our company and our product line.

HSN Hosts July 2016

Next stop, the salon.  The team in the salon are charged with making all of us look great, even though some have been up for nearly 24 hours.  They do an amazing job.  45 minutes later I emerge from the salon with a fresh face (10 years younger looking than my real face) and well-styled hair.  Next stop, my green room.

A quick change, added jewelry and I’m headed back to the PA desk to get mic’ed up.  This isn’t an activity for the modest among us.  Production assistants need to be sure your mic will stay where they put it, that usually means tucked into your bra strap.   So dresses are unzipped, blouses are raised and bras are revealed.

On to the studio.  Have I mentioned how cold it is?  The AC runs non-stop to keep all of the equipment cool.  That means I’m usually wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and a down vest until I’m ready to slip into my show wardrobe.  The studios are a series of stage sets arranged just a few feet from each other – not unlike your home, the craft room set flows into the living room set, the living room into the kitchen set, and so on.  Through the magic of television it all flows seamlessly together.

Actual time on-air zooms by at a lightening fast pace.

After the show, tables are returned to the hallway where samples are repacked and replaced on the sample carts.

Ahh…off to the hotel for a little nap before my next show.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Tiffany, thanks for the behind the scenes insight. It was very interesting. I love watching the HSN craft days. I even record some of them to get ideas. My husband thinks I’m crazy for doing that!

    • Hi Eve – so good to see you pop up here. How are things going? It’s good if your husband thinks you’re a little crazy, it keeps them in line!! 🙂
      Glad to know you’re tuned in on craft days. Say Howdy to Connie for me. T.

    • You’re so welcome. It was fun to write. I just attended a Guest Summit at HSN. It was really amazing. If you all only knew how much HSN cared about your satisfaction you’d be impressed. They are a company that truly walks the walk when it comes to customer satisfaction. They believe that treating everyone at HSN; employees, on-air guests, vendors, etc.is the foundation for guest satisfaction. They really spoil us when we are there. I have a passion for Rice Krispy treats so they always include them in the snack basket in my green room. Maybe their just trying to insure I’ve got a sugar boost going into the show. 🙂

  2. High adrenaline. Shows were great. You always do a good job. Doing your classes all these years helps. I have at least 14 feet of scraprack in my scrap room. Also, have many of your other products.

    • Thanks Faye,
      So glad you’ve had a chance to attend the classes. I hope they have helped to magnify the value of your 14′ ScrapRack! Can you send us a couple of pics? I’d love to see it.
      Thanks too for watching the show. It’s calming to know I’ve got supporters in the TV audience. T.

  3. That was so fun to read….very interesting. One question…do the samples come from you…I know you have your stuff in them…are they loaded and you bring them that way or do you load your stuff when you set up your table?

    • Hey Terri – yes, that is my own stuff 🙂 I actually take my own stuff in my own products, then, as long as travel has been kind to my samples I just use them right out of my travel case. However, sometimes travel takes a toll, in that case I load my things into the samples that they have on hand. We send HSN 5 of each item to have on hand for samples. They use them for photography on their website and when they feature our products at other times. It’s such an interesting process. HSN is really cool. Their main concern is “how does this product add value to the life of our customer.” Every other part of the decision process takes a back seat to that idea.

  4. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes peek. Always wondered what goes on. Love those Craft Days! Of course, I haven’t told my husband what I bought yet! I was good this time…could have done worse.

    • Hey Debbie – Sometimes our husbands appreciate the fact that we don’t share everything with them. 🙂
      The craft days are addicting. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Hi Tiffany, I was tuned in for the craft event and you looked great! Even if I have already purchased the products you are showing I still watch as I may get a new idea on how to use an item! Loved the behind the scenes info! Congrats on sons’ graduation! 🙂

    • Thanks Dawn – Good to hear from you. So glad you find value in watching even though you own the products. HSN has this as a customer focus. They really want their customer to feel like watching provides value beyond the shopping experience. Glad you enjoyed the behind the scenes details. It was fun to write that blog post and share my day.

    • Hi Katherine –
      The next HSN day August 30th and then October 5th. We’ll try to do a better job getting the word out.
      Thanks for posting.

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