Customize your Hot Glue Gun Holder for yourself or for a friend

The Hot Glue Gun Holder, like all of the items in our Desk Maid product line, comes in a flat white finish.  There are two good reasons for this.  The first, white goes with everything.  The second, white is easy to change into something else.  I had a really great time transforming my plain white Hot Glue Gun Holders using the following techniques.  If you customize your Hot Glue Gun Holder, I hope you'll take the time to photograph it and send me the photo or at least post it on our Facebook Page.

Everything's better with BLING!

Including my personal Hot Glue Gun Stand.  I used blue and clear bling to recreate my logo on this Hot Glue Gun Holder.

I traced the size of the glue stick holder/cup onto a piece of paper, and then laid out the bling design to be sure I would have enough of each color before I started gluing.

Make mine a little "antiquey."

I'm not sure "antiquey" is a word, but it certainly describes the look I got with this Hot Glue Gun Stand customization.

I used tissue paper with a white background (very forgiving), and Mod Podge to create an old fashioned hand-painted look.  I added a few "red bling" berries, because, as I noted above, everything's better with bling.

Hot Glue Gun in the Garage

If  you're like me and you live in a house with men, anything that even remotely resembles a tool ends up out in the garage or the shed on a workbench.  My Hot Glue Gun Stand was no exception.  I found it there quite by accident, which is why I was initially motivated to "bling" mine up.

To create this "metal" look Hot Glue Gun Stand, I bought a small bottle of "tin" colored paint.  The paint was a little tough to work with, I think I would take the time to sand the surface of my Hot Glue Gun Stand if I was going to do this again.

I added "sticker" diamond plate to the front section, and a few "sticker" screw heads on corners, too.  Click on the image to view it larger and you'll be better able to see these details. This was a fun project and now that it resides in the garage, I don't need to worry about my Hot Glue Gun Stand disappearing off my desk.

Have you personalized your Hot Glue Gun Stand?  If so, I'd love to see it! Please do share it with me/us by posting to our Facebook group or sending a pic via email, .

Thanks for popping by today. Please do share my blog with your crafty pals.  We love and appreciate referrals from happy readers.

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