Meet Lois 2.0 – you’re new favorite tote

The search for a lightweight, easy to use and versatile craft supply tote has come to an end.  Meet Lois 2.0.  Our original Lois bag was introduced last year and the craft community fell in love with her immediately.  She was made of clear vinyl and designed to carry buddy bags.

Once it was discovered that she could accommodate everything from 12x12 Paper Handlers to Punch & Supply Packs her popularity soared.  The trouble was, vinyl's just not that durable. 

So we went to work improving Lois.  We knew the size and shape needed to stay the same. Also, the clear vinyl made it easy to "see" what was in the tote, which was a huge benefit.

Our solution, add 4" of canvas to the bottom of the tote, but keep the clear top. We also added a lightweight plastic insert to the bottom to give the bag a little more structure,  but still allow it to be folded flat. 

Lois is 13" tall, 13" wide and 10" deep.  Empty, she weighs less than a pound.

Want to know how to load your Lois 2.0?  Read my next blog post - 5 ways to fill a Lois Tote.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about our Lois 2.0 Tote. I know you're going to LOVE her.

Happy Crafting,

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