Washi Tape Organizers

6 Level Stamp & Supply Stadium - over 100 of rolls of washi.  The smaller rolls sit better in this organizer.

Desk Maid

4 Level Supply Stadium - This is shown turned on it's back.  It will hold over 100 rolls of washi - depending on the width of each roll of tape.

Desk Maid

COPS - 20 Pocket Panel

4-5 rolls of washi fill fit in each pocket - that could be 100 rolls - all visible and accessible. Great for micro ribbon and glitter tape too.

COPS - Clearly Organized Pocket System

Straight Eight ScrapRack storage pages. I drew lines over the pockets, hopefully this make it a little easier to see how the Straight Eight page works.


Embellishment Storage Page - Organize and store 24 rolls of washi in this double-sided page.

ScrapRack Specialty Storage Pages

Full ScrapRack product line.

Trader's Twelve ScrapRack Basic Storage Page - Organize and store 12 rolls of washi, up to 1/2" wide in this ScrapRack 12 pocket storage page.

ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages

Full ScrapRack product line