Stampin’ Up! ink pad storage

Organize Stampin' Ink pads with totally-tiffany producs and solutions.

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.
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The Leanne Buddy Bag will hold 15 of the older style of "flip" inks.  I tucked my matching markers into the side of the bag.

The Leanne Buddy Bag will also hold the new style of Stampin' Up Ink pads.  I believe around 20 will fit in the Leanne bag.  Store them vertically or horizontally - similar to picture on the left.

The 9" Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace,  will hold 2 Stampin' Up ink pads per shelf,
total of 10 ink pads.

Desk Maid Workspace Organizers

XL Pen & Ink Palace - 18 SU Ink Pads
plus storage for re-inkers and stamp blocks on top. Will hold coordinating SU makers too.

Desk Maid