Scrapbook Paper Storage

Organize Paper i12x12, 6x6, scraps and more

Keeping loose papers organized can be one of the toughest things any avid crafter has to deal with. It can be so frustrating digging through piles of scrapbook paper to find that floral printed one you bought over a month ago. We all say we need better scrapbook paper storage, but it never ends up happening. If this sounds like an issue you go through or are heading towards then look no further! Totally-Tiffany has many different products to help you keep your scrapbook paper organized just the way you want it, regardless of size, orientation, or texture. Check out out scrapbook paper storage products to get started.

Small Scrapbook Paper Storage

6x6 Fab File

This Fab File comes with pockets and holds up to 300 sheets of paper. Use tabs to make finding your crafts and projects quicker to get to.

Add extra 6x6 Pockets

8x8 Fab File

Find the perfect Fab File to fit your crafting paper. Staying organized is easy with plenty of pockets ready to hold up to 300 sheets of paper.

Add extra 8x8 pockets

8.5x11 Fab File

We all use that standard paper size, keep them organized with this Fab File! Can hold about 180 sheets of paper with pockets.

Add extra 8.5x11 Pockets

12x12 Paper Storage

12x12 Fab File

This Fab File can hold about 180 sheets of paper and comes with removable pockets. The sturdy material keeps even your most delicate paper projects safe.

Add extra 12x12 Pockets

ScrapRack Super Sized Single Page

Super Sized Single page holds up to 10 sheets of cardstock. It's clear for seeing your craft paper, allowing more organizing options.

Basic Storage Pages

Paper Handler

With pull up handles for easy transport, the Paper Handler can hold up to 200 sheets of paper. The handles fold back down to keep your work space looking tidy.

Use with Collection Keepers and/or Paper Pockets

12x12 Paper Pocket, set of 3

Need to organize your paper in bundles? Combine these with the Paper Handler to get a whole new level of organized! Holds up to 10 sheets of paper.

Works with Paper Handler or Paper Junkie Paper Storage Boxes.

Paper Junkie Paper Storage boxes

For the ultimate craft paper storage. Can hold up to 2500 sheets of paper total, set of 5 boxes. These boxes are lightweight can be decorated to your heart's content!

Use with Paper Storage Box Dividers for easy labeling.

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.