Quick Quotes Powder Puff Ink Organizers

Organize you QQ inks with Totally-Tiffany

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses, Quick Quotes Powder Puff Ink Organizers is a common use for several of our products.
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The Edna Buddy Bag will hold 16 inks on edge or 24 inks stacked flat.

 EZ2Organize Product line.

XL Pen & Ink Palace - up to 48 QQ PP Chalk Inks, with a little extra storage on top.

Desk Maid

How to organize your Quick Quotes Powder Puff Ink.

Organization Tips

Regardless of  Quick Quotes Powder Puff ink organizers you choose, I recommend cataloging your inks.  This can be done using our "Peek a Hue" color charts or you can create your own.
Choosing the right tool depends on what type of crafter you are.  If you travel with your supplies you will be happier with organization products that travel with you.  If you always craft at home, you'll be best served by organization products that keep your Powder Puff Ink pads visible and accessible.

If you work with Quick Quotes Powder Puff Ink you're probably a huge fan.  These easy to use chalk inks are perfect for paper crafters of all types.   At Totally-Tiffany we have a few options for organizing your Powder Puff Ink.

Do you travel with your inks?

If so, you'll want to consider using one of our EZ2Organize Buddy Bags.  There are 4 bags we recommend for organizing Powder Puff Ink pads on the go. Each of the bags will hold 16 Powder Puff Ink pads. Use the links above to view each of the bags we recommend.

Craft at home?

Try using the Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace.  This handy workspace organizer is ideal for Powder Puff Ink organization. Each shelf will hold 5 Powder Puff Ink pads.  The shelves pull out for easy access to your inks.