Organize Floral Embellishments

How to organize flower embellishments with totally-tiffany.

Flower embellishments can take your projects from plain to fabulous - if you can remember where you stored them. Keep your flowers organized and visible with these Totally-Tiffany products.

Organizing Your Floral Embellishments

ScrapRack Sweet Sixteen Storage Page

Keep your floral embellishments easily visible while keeping them organized. ScrapRack pages are perfect for storing flowers of all shapes and sizes. 

Over the Door 9 Pocket Panel

Ready to use whenever you need, easily seen, easily organized. Three sizes of pockets will easily accommodate a variety of flower sizes.

Sue Buddy Bag

Perfect for keeping all your floral embellishments in one place! Easy to take to a craft event or store on your shelf. You'll love being able to "see" all of your flowers.

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.