Organize Floral Embellishments

How to organize flower embellishments with totally-tiffany.

Flower embellishments can easily be one of the most messy and disorganized crafting tool out there. The small flowers can become scattered, and even if they are put into baggies they get mixed up and are difficult to sort through. To successfully organize floral embellishments use these Totally-Tiffany products. Keep your flowers organized by size, color, or type. Even if it's easier to just keep them all in one place rather than organize floral embellishments in many different places.

Organizing Your Floral Embellishments

ScrapRack Sweet Sixteen Storage Page

Keep your floral embellishments easily visible while keeping them organized however you see fit. Combine multiple pages or just a few.

Over the Door 9 Pocket Panel

Ready to use whenever you need, easily seen, easily organized. The small pocket are perfect for the small flowers in either small quantities or in bulk.

Sue Buddy Bag

Perfect for keeping all your floral embellishments in one place! Easy to take on the go or to store in bins. See exactly what you have packed away with the clear walls.

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.