CTMH Ink Pad Storage

Organize you QQ inks with Totally-Tiffany

Protect and organize your Close To My Heart ink pads with Totally-Tiffany's storage products. CTMH ink pad storage made easy. Not only are these products travel friendly, but are strong and made with crafters in mind. See your CTMH ink pads stacked neatly with the ability to be tucked away or set up on display for all the colors clearly visible from every angle.

Store Your CMTH Ink Pads

4x6 Fab File

This Fab File can hold up to 11 CTMH ink pads. The small, compact size is the ideal grab-and-go stamp ink pad storage. Made of sturdy material to keep your inks safe.

Barbara Buddy Bag

The Barbara Buddy Bag can hold up to 10 magnetic CTMH ink pads. The clear packaging makes it easy to see what color yo are looking for without even having to open the bag!

Gail Buddy Bag

The Gail Buddy Bag can hold up to 9 magnetic CTMH ink pads. The ink pads can easily be seen no matter how you store them, allowing all crafters to stay organized and neat.

Ink pad organization

Monica Buddy Bag 

The Monica Buddy Bag can hold up to 10 ink pads. Regardless of brand, you still want your ink pads to look and stay neat. Monica is easily washed should any mess happen!

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.