CTMH Ink Pad Storage

organize close to my heart ink with Totally-Tiffany

Organize your Close To My Heart ink pads - we've got organizers for both the old style CTMH inks and the newer magnetic type.

Store Your CMTH Ink Pads

4x6 Fab File

This Fab File can hold up to 11 CTMH ink pads. The small, compact size is the ideal grab-and-go stamp pad storage. Made of sturdy material to keep your inks safe.

Barbara Buddy Bag

The Barbara Buddy Bag can hold up to 10 magnetic CTMH ink pads. The crystal clear vinyl makes it easy to see your colors without even opening the bag!

Gail Buddy Bag

The Gail Buddy Bag can hold up to 9 CTMH ink pads. Great for storing your inks at home, or taking them to a crafting class or event.

Monica Buddy Bag 

The Monica Buddy Bag can hold up to 10 of the old style CTMH ink pads.

15" Pen & Ink Palace

CTMH ink pads are not shown in the image above, but this will hold up to 4 ink pads per shelf (24 total).

9" Pen & Ink Palace

2 CTMH magnetic ink pads with matching markers will fit on each shelf (10 sets total).

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.