Classic Size Ink Pad Storage

How to Organize your colorbox ink pads

Rectangular ink pads are a very common size and shape. There are slight variations, but for the most part all of your rectangle inks - Catherine Pooler, Stephanie Barnard, FSJ, Staz On, Versa Fine, Memento (Tsukineko), Color Box,...will fit in the products shown on this page. These ink pad storage products keep your inks visible and accessible. Our Desk Maid brand organizers are great for organizing at home, the EZ2Organize Buddy Bags are perfect for home OR travel.

Store Your Ink Pads

Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace

The Pen & Ink Palace is the perfect ColorBox ink pad storage system for your ink pads if you craft at home regularly. Each of the shelves will hold 3 ink pads, so a total of 18 pads will fit in one Pen & Ink Palace.

Dawn Buddy Bag

Dawn can hold up to 12 ColorBox ink pads, 3 per divider box. This buddy bag is perfect for taking your inks on the road and letting you see what colors it holds without even having to open it up. The material is sturdy and can be cleaned easily.

Monica Buddy Bag

Monica can hold 9 ColorBox ink pads. Her compact size allows crafters to take her wherever they go and not take up space. The clear material makes it easy to see what colors are inside and is sturdy enough to protect your ink pads.

ColorBox / Stephanie Barnard Mini Ink Pads

Ez2Organize Leanne Buddy Bag

The Leanne bag will hold up to 30 ink pads.  She's the ideal size for Stephanie Barnard, & Colorbox, but if you have a mix of ink pads from others like Catherine Pooler or FSJ, they'll all fit together in the the Leanne Buddy Bag.

EZ2Organize Teresa Buddy Bag

The Teresa Buddy Bag will hold 6-7 mini Colorbox Ink Pads.  These are a popular ink pad from Stamps of Life.  Do you have the Colorbox Cat's Eye ink pads?  Teresa will hold 15!  Group your ink pads together by color family.

EZ2Organize Edna Buddy Bag

The Edna Buddy Bag will help you organize up to 24 mini Colorbox ink pads.  Easy to use at home and great for travelling with your supplies too.  Organize your ink pads for a crop or class with the Edna Buddy Bag.

At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.