Craft Storage

We've Got an Organizer for That

Need storage for craft supplies that you can't find anywhere else. You've come to the right place. While our products are designed with specific uses in mind, most of them work for a variety of craft supplies and help you get your crafts organized.  The links below will take you to images showing particular uses - If you're using one of our products in a way that is different or unique, we'd love for you to share your ideas with us!

These pages are NEW and are a work in progress - we'll be adding many more categories over the next few weeks. Bookmark this page and check back in a day or two to see what we've added.


Storage for craft supplies, organize adhesives

Cards and Card Blanks

Glitter Glues

Kiwi Lane Templates

About our organization product design.

All products from Totally-Tiffany are designed to have multiple uses. If you're a crafter looking for ways to organize your craft supplies - paper, punches, markers, embellishments, paints, ink, or ribbons we have a product for you.