Desk Maid Embossing Station

Heat Embossing Tool HOlder from DMEHTH-6970 HSN
Heat Embossing Tool HOlder from

Do you find it difficult to use your embossing heat tool while working on a project because you're trying to hold everything in your hands?

Then meet our brand new Desk Maid Embossing Station!

Meet your embossing tool's new best friend!

With the Desk Maid Embossing Station, your hands are now free to hold your project at the exact angle and distance!

This station is the sister to our Hot Glue Gun Holder and will be your new must-have item for your embossing projects.

To learn more about what makes the Embossing Station unique, read the information below.

Heat Embossing Tool HOlder from
Heat Embossing Tool HOlder from

What is the Embossing Station?

The Embossing Station is a sturdy hands-free heat tool holder that will keep your heat tool steady while you work. The main features of the station are its project clipboard, built-in cooling rack, tool pocket, and removable sizing ring.

Each of these features work together to create the ultimate tool for embossing and mixed media!

How does the Embossing Station work?

Designed to fit most craft heat tools, the Embossing Station does come with a removable sizing ring for smaller-tipped tools. Before you begin embossing, you will either need to add or remove the ring to fit the heat tool you are using.

Once your heat tool is in the holder, you can clip your project onto the separate paddle while you’re embossing, Then, once you are done, you can set it in the angled slots to cool and move onto your next project. While working, you can easily grab your anti-static tools or other embossing tools from the tool pocket.

Another option for the slots is to stack your prepared items as a "production line", then pull them out to heat them one at a time.  Sure beats laying your ready-to-heat items all over your table!

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Heat Embossing Tool HOlder from