Go10 3, Embellishments – Flat Stuff

Welcome to GO10, Class 3 – Sort, store and organize your flat stuff

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Things you’ll need:

  1. Sorting Guides – we talked about these in GO10-2, click here to refer back.
  2. Dividers
  3. Sticky Notes
  4. A Purge Box
  5. A ScrapRack or some other storage tool – Big Zip lock type bags, file folders, boxes, etc.

Now that we’ve gone through the first two lessons you should have a pretty solid understanding of the 4 Section System, what it includes, and how it works. If you need a refresher click here to read more. In Chinese they use what they call “measure words” to define particular groups of things – long, flat things, shaped things, sizes of things – there are even measure words for actions. If the Chinese were crafters they would need to come up with a whole new system of measure words for all of the different things we use to craft! In this week’s lesson, we’re just going to focus on “flat things.”

Step 1 – Start Sorting

Keep in mind that one of the biggest problems with organization is that we take on too much or try to do too much at one time. When you start a big organizing projects it’s easy for the project to become so overwhelming that your brain goes into overload and begins to shut down. Once this happens it’s hard to stay focused and keep moving forward. For this reason, I would strongly recommend that you work in very small batches of product. One of the biggest benefits of using the 4 Section System is that it always stays the same, the themes or categories may vary depending on what themes you are working with, but the basic core is always the same. This means that when you buy something new, you can put it away quickly and easily. Your days of “reorganizing” are done.

Go10 3 1 Sort on TemplatesThis program is focused around doing a little bit of organizing for just 10 minutes each day. Obviously, you can do much more if your time and schedule allow, but I would encourage you to still sort in small batches, your brain loves to complete a task and check it off the list.

Spread out your sorting templates, grab a stack of stickers and start sorting them onto the sorting guides. Sort for 4-5 minutes.

Step 2 – Sort by Theme and/or Size

Go10 3 3 ABC SortingIf you have multiple ‘themes” on a sorting template (sorting guide) your next step is to separate out the various themes. Once that step is done, sort each theme by size. This will allow you fill your ScrapRack pages easily. If you are using another type of storage system, you still want to sort by size. That way you can put your smaller items in the front and your larger items in the back.


Step 3 – Storing Your Flat Things

In the remaining 4-5 minutes gather up the items you’ve sorted and put them into the storage tool you’re using. If you’re using a ScrapRack, you’ll slip the items into the pocket pages based on size. You can put multiple items in each pockets, some facing front and some facing back. If you’re using file folders or zip lock type bags, stack your items smallest to largest before putting them away. This will allow maximum visibility when you need them later.

Go10 3 5 Sorted Beach Go10 3 6 Halloween Sorted Go10 3 7 Rainbow Sorted

Add the sorted sections to your ScrapRack or whatever storage tool you’re using.

Go10 3 8 ScrapRack Sorted

Your “Organized Only Space” should really start coming together now!

Step 4 – Watch for your next GO-10 Email!

Go10 3 9 Organized Only SpaceThanks for participating in Go-10. Remember, if you want to connect with other Go-10 or Get Organized Challenge participants, you can join them on FaceBook by searching: 2011GetOrganizedChallenge Group – Or just click here.

Download the class presentation PDF – click here.

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