Go10 6, Craft Punch Organization

Welcome to GO10, Class 6 – Knock Out Punch Organization

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Punches, similar to other bulky tool type things can be difficult to manage. The struggle to keep “like” items together often results in a constant process of rearranging. Whether you’re a “Gottalittle” or a “Gottalot”, numbering your punches can make it much easier to find the punches you need quickly and to add new punches to your collection.

Things you’ll need:

Storage Tool – Shelves, boxes, drawers, etc
Scrap Paper
Gottalittles – 4×6 cards
Gottalots – The Catalog you made last week….?
Catalog Paper
Permanent Marker

Step 1 – (Everyone) Choose your storage tool

The Totally-Tiffany Punch Packs are perfect for most of your punch storage needs.  Other options include small shallow drawers, shelves, or shallow boxes.  You can also use “rails”, shoe bags or anything similar. Remember to try to keep things as accessible as possible, but they don’t have to be “on display” since we are cataloging them.

Step 2 – “Gottalittles” – Punch, Number, and Store

Go10 6 1If you fall into the Gottalittle category, the process is quite easy. I recommend using 4×6″ cards for creating “mini-catalogs” that can easily be inserted into a Perfect Six Storage Page. These cards can also be used in file folders, zip lock type bags, etc.

Using your scrap paper, create a sample of each of your punches. Use repositionable adhesive to attach the sample to your 4×6″ cards. Number the punch – I just use a permanent marker.

Write the punch number on the sample punch.

Go10 6 2Next step, store the punch. You can use drawers, trays, etc.

I used our Stamp, Punch Store and Go Bag.

The finally steps are to label the storage container and add the 4×6 cards to your storage system.

Step 2 – “Gottalots” – Punch, Add to your catalog, Number and Store.

You’ll follow the same beginning steps as the Gottalittle group, but instead of putting your sample punches onto the 4×6″ cards, you’ll add them right on to the catalog pages you created for your un-mounted stamps.

Go10 6 3 go10 6 4

Go10 6 6 Go10 6 5

Step 3 –Start small – finish, and begin again.

As we recommend every week, work in small batches of punches. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in just a few minutes each day.

Tips:  If you’re punching borders, be sure to leave enough space around the punch out to write the number.

When cataloging shapes (circles, squares, etc.) note the size with the sample. It will be easier to choose the right punch the first time.

For tiny punches use the negative. Like we did with the Giraffe and the Paw Print.

Step 4 – Move your punches into your Organized Only Space!!

Go10 6 7Go10 6 8Each week we’ve added a little more to our Organized Only Space. It’s filling up nicely. Everything is visible and accessible. Hopefully you’ll find a little time to craft over the next week. I’m sure you’ll find the work you’ve done will make crafting even more fun!

Step 5 – Watch for your next GO-10 Email!

Thanks for participating in Go-10.

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