Go10 5, Organize your Un-mounted Stamps

Welcome to GO10, Class 5 – Organizing your Un-mounted Stamps

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Is your middle name; “gotta-little”, “gotta-lot”, or “gottoomuch”?


Definition of “Gottalittle” and “Gottalot”:

If you’re someone who has just a few unmounted stamps – you bought them for a specific project, or they came in a kit, but you’re not going to start adding lots of stamps to your supplies – you’re probably a “gottalittle.”

Gottalots – You know who you are!  You love stamps, you’ve got lots of them and you plan to add more to your collection.

Are you a future Gottalot? If you think you might become more of a stamper, I would suggest following along with the Gottalot program. It won’t take you long to complete at this point, but you’ll be set up for success should you become a “Gottalot” in the future.


Things you’ll need:

Un-mounted Stamps

Storage Tool – ScrapRack, Klearly Krafty Trays, CD Cases

For Gottalots (or potential Gottalots):

Ink or a copy machine

Catalog Paper



Step 1 – Sort and Store

If you’re a gottalittle, just sort your unmounted stamps the same way you’ve sorted your other supplies. Include them right in with each section/category. If you’ve been working with me each week, you know I’ve already got a “Fall” section started. Once my stamps were sorted (I used my sorting templates), it was easy to just slide the Halloween Stamps into a small pocket page (Sweet Sixteen) and add that page to my “Fall” section.  **Skip to Step 4**

Go10 5 1 Go10 5 2

Tip: If you have a stamp that could work in multiple sections – a gift box for example – you may want to “stamp” it out a few times, creating examples of the stamp.  Make a note about where the stamp is stored and then file each example appropriately.


Step 1 – Choose your storage tool

Stamps can be stored in your ScrapRack, boxes, cd cases, etc. Choose a storage tool that is easy to access, provides good visibility and will be easy to “add to” in the event that you purchase a few more stamps.

Step 2 – Create a catalog (maybe 2!)

There are so many variables with stamps and stamp sets. A wrapped gift with a big bow could go in so many different sections – Christmas, Birthday, Baby, Graduation, Wedding, etc. You want to make the best use of your supplies, so cataloging is the way to go.

You can use either 12×12″ or 8.5×11″ for cataloging. There are advantages to each. Some crafters create 2 catalogs. One that they leave at home with their supplies, and one that they take with them when they go to classes and events. Taking your catalog with you helps to prevent buying duplicates and/or buying stamps that are very similar to what you might already own.

Tips for Cataloging

Keep sets of stamps together, even if they cross over.

Put the image of the full set in each category.

Number your pocket pages first, this makes it faster to add stamps


Go10 5 3Step 3 – Start with a small pile of stamps

Decide which pocket (if you’re using a ScrapRack) or which box, bin, etc. your stamp will best fit in. Give the stamp a number that coordinates with the number on the pocket (box, etc).

Stamp the stamp onto all of the appropriate catalog pages – (you could also photo copy the stamps).

Go10 5 4Write the number of the stamp next to the image you’ve created

Put the stamp into the pocket with corresponding number.Go10 5 5

Continue through this process, working about 10 minutes each day. You’ll be surprised at how fast this process actually is! Remember, you can add stamps at any time. If you buy a new stamp, add it to the catalog immediately. If you find a random stamp somewhere in your craft supplies, add it to the catalog in the same way.

Step 4 – Move your stamps and catalog into your Organized Only Space!!

Go10 5 6 Org Only SpaceEach week we’ve added a little more to our Organized Only Space. It’s filling up nicely. Everything is visible and accessible. Hopefully you’ll find a little time to craft over the next week. I’m sure you’ll find the work you’ve done will make crafting even more fun!

Step 5 – Watch for your next Go-10 Email!

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