Go10 4, Embellishments – Bulky Stuff

Welcome to GO10, Class 4 – Big and Bulky, Chunky and Fluffy Stuff

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This is what our Organized Only Space looked like after Go10-3

Go10 3 9 Organized Only SpaceThings you’ll need this week:

Sorting Guides – we talked about these in GO10-2, click here to refer back.

Small zip lock type bags


Sticky Notes

A Purge Box

A ScrapRack or some other storage tool – big ziplock type bags, file folders, etc.

This class follows along with what we did last week, only this time we’re adding your bulky stuff and possibly creating a “back stock box.” We’ll talk more about that later.

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Go10-1: It’s all about the System

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Step 1 – Start Sorting

Go10 4 1 Embellishment PileJust as you did last week, you’re going to layout your sorting guides/templates and begin sorting, but instead of “flat” stuff you’re going to sort you bulky stuff.

When you come across something that is in a big bulky container, transfer those items into an easy-to-store ziplock type bag. You can do this with almost anything from glitter to bling.

You won’t often need a pound of bling.

Go10 4 2 Bag of Rhinestones    Go10 4 3 Small bags of rhinestones

Choose a 3×5″, 2×5″, or 2×2″ baggie for easy storage.

Go10 4 5 Bag and bottle of GlitterGo10 4 4 Bag of GlitterGo10 4 6 Bottle of Glitter2 ounces of glitter is A LOT of glitter.  A small 2×2″ bag will usually make everything sparkle, and it’s easy to work with. When your glitter bag gets low, or you run out of bling, you can go to your “back stock box” and refill.

If you have “bunches” of something, you only need to fill a bag with what is a reasonable amount to have on hand. That’s where a “back stock box” comes in handy.

Go10 4 8 Backstock boxes

Step 2 – Sort by Theme/Size

If you have multiple “themes/colors/sentiments” on your sorting guides, the next step is to separate out the various themes. Once that is complete, you can sort each theme by size. With bulky stuff the majority of what you encounter will be part of the Rainbow section.

Go10 4 11 Red Sort  Go10 4 10 Orange Sort  Go10 4 9 Blue Sort

Tip: Don’t wait to start a section, regardless of how many or how few items in that sorting pile.  Start the section.  As I was sorting, I came across a single roll of football ribbon. I didn’t know if I had any other items that belonged in a “Sports” section, but I started the section anyway. Now when I find more “Sports” stuff, it will be fast and easy to put away.

Step 3 – Storing your bulky things

The final step is to add these bulky things to your 4 Section System. Last week we started a few sections. This week we’ll add to those sections as well as adding a few new sections. I’ve sorted by theme and size, now I’m going to add the new items to new ScrapRack pages or to the existing pages we filled in the last class.

GO10-4 Photo3  GO10-4 Photo2  GO10-4 Photo 1

Remember, if you’re not using a ScrapRack, you can create a 4 Section System in a box, a file folder, even a large zip lock type bag.  GO10-4 Photo4

Tip:  If you’re using a ScrapRack, it’s best to remove your Spinders from the base unit before you add new pages. Remember to always use the end tabs to open and close the rings of your spinder.

What should your Organized Only Space look like now?

Go10 4 13 Org only spaceThis week we added quite a few sections to our 4 Section System. As you go through the sorting and organizing process you’ll continue to add sections as you find things that have been tucked away and/or forgotten.

As you purchase new items, add them directly to your 4 Section System, even if it means creating a new category – like we did for “Sports” when we came across that one lone roll of ribbon.

Go10 4 14 ScrapRack with Embellishments

Step 4 – Watch for your next Go-10 Email!

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