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The Fall 2017

Get Organized


has begun!


Please join us. It's FUN, it's FREE, and you'll feel FABULOUS when your supplies are organized!

Challenge Details:

The Get Organized Challenge is a series of 8 classes.  The Challenge classes are FREE.  You don't need any particular tools or equipment to participate in the Challenge.  My goal is to help you establish good organizational systems and strategies.  Each week we'll talk about one major category or idea.  The week following the Challenge class you'll spend as much time as possible completing the Challenge homework.  I hope you'll sign up to join us!  We get a lot done AND have fun, too.  Click here to see what past participants have to say.


Classes are taught live over the internet using
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Class Schedule
All classes are taught live and include question/answer sessions at the end.  Class times vary with each series.  The Fall 2017 Session classes are at 10am Pacific Time.  Recorded classes are available later in the day, and remain posted here on the website throughout the series.
Download your 2017 Challenge Workbook - Save a copy on your desktop so you can take advantage of the "live" links.

Fall 2017 Get Organized Challenge Dates

Challenge # 1 - Get Ready to Get Organized, September 12, 2017
Download a Themes and Sentiments example list.
Watch the 4 Section System Video.
Download a the 4 Section System Article for your notebook.

Challenge #2 - Paper Sorting Powerhouse, September 19, 2017

Challenge #3- Embellishment Overload, September 26, 2017

This video ends abruptly - sorry! One more question was remaining, about the rolling cart the ScrapRack is on. Here is a link to a video review of the cart:

Challenge #4 - Tool Tantrum, October 3, 2017

Challenge #5 - Color your world, October 10, 2017



Click here for the Peek-a-Hue Color Chart for Glitter Glue

Click here for the Peek-a-Hue Color Chart with Big Boxes

Click here for the Peek-a-Hue Color Chart for Pens

Challenge #6 - Picture Perfect Photo Organization, October, 17, 2017

This video is in two parts.


Challenge #7 - Memento Management, October 24, 2017

Click here for the "Event Details & Information"form

Click here for Jill's "Page Planner" form

Challenge #8 - Travelling with your supplies, crops, classes and other events. October 31, 2017

Click here to download the Crop Packing List sample

Click here to see Tiffany's Blog Post about setting up at a Crop

Need a Totally-Tiffany Catalog? Click here to download.