Get Organized Challenge

10-18-18 Challenge Change Up

As we discussed during class on Tuesday I'll be out of town on Tuesdays for the next 3 weeks.  We posted a poll in our Facebook group asking if you wanted to stretch out the Tool Challenge while I was gone - the answer was an overwhelming YES!!

Here's the challenge plan for the next 3 weeks:

October 22nd - 28th Dies and Acrylic Stamps

October 29th - November 4th Punches and Wood Mounted Stamps

November 5th - November 11th Embossing Folders, Stencils, and Templates

We'll focus on posting helpful information, videos, tips, tricks, etc for each of the above categories throughout the week.  We'll do our best to also get 1 "general" email out with links to everything from blog posts and videos to product suggestions for each category.

I'm expecting to be reading a lot of really great progress posts over the next 3 weeks!!!


PS - there were a few challenge participants who wanted to continue at the same pace.  If you want to move forward through the next challenges, you can do so by watching the videos of the January series.

Color Challenge

Mountains of Mementos

Traveling Organized - at the moment Livestream is down so I can't grab the link to his video.  I will post it later.



Please join us. It's FUN, it's FREE, and you'll feel FABULOUS when your supplies are organized!

Challenge Details:

The Get Organized Challenge is a series of 8 classes.  The Challenge classes are FREE.  You don't need any particular tools or equipment to participate in the Challenge.  My goal is to help you establish good organizational systems and strategies.  Each week we'll talk about one major category or idea.  The week following the Challenge class you'll spend as much time as possible completing the Challenge homework.  I hope you'll sign up to join us!  We get a lot done AND have fun, too.  Click here to see what past participants have to say.


Classes are taught live over the internet using
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Class Schedule
All classes are taught live and include question/answer sessions at the end.  Class times vary with each series.  The current challenge began on September 18th, 2018, but you can join anytime.

2018 Challenge Handouts and Checklists 
When you're signed up, each week during the live series you'll get a reminder email about the GOC. This reminder email will include a link to the weekly handout and checklist.  The weekly handout link will also be posted with the class information below.  There will also be a follow-up email sent after class with new homework and additional tips concerning what was discussed in class.

Plan to be organized!

New - Get Organized Challenge Girls Sticker set.  Add them to your planner or your calendar.  The perfect way to remind yourself of your challenge goals each week.

Set includes 9 GOC Girl Stickers.  Each is approximately 2" tall, 1" wide.

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2018 Get Organized Challenge Class Schedule

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 10am Pacific Time

Paper Sorting Powerhouse Class Handout

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 10am Pacific Time.

Piles of Pictures Class Handout - download now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 10am Pacific Time.

Embellishment Overload Class Handout - download now

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 10am Pacific Time

Download your class handout.

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