Get Organized Challenge

Hello my crafty friends -
I was replying to comments on blog posts today when I came across a message for help.  The crafter who posted the message said she was feeling so overwhelmed with all that was going on right now that her "hoarder-like" craft room had become a source of tears rather than joy.
Her comments are the exact reason I started the Get Organized Challenge
My first thought was - I should start a new challenge, people are stuck at home, having something to focus on will help relieve some stress and also help them feel like something is being accomplished.  
Unfortunately, because we're in the process of moving the studio, I can't quite put a GOC together right now - but what I can do, is help to guide you and hopefully a few of your crafty friends through the GOC using previously posted videos. 
This is a GREAT way to connect with, interact with, and encourage your friends even though you can't be together.
Set a goal to get your craft supplies organized over these next few weeks - work through the Get Organized Challenge and when life returns to normal your craft room will be a joyful place again.

Start with the block below labeled - GOC Set Yourself Up for Success Challenge - after you've completed the first challenge, move through each of the blocks in order.

Get Organized Challenge - videos, handouts & more.

Classes are arranged in order below - starting with #1 - Set yourself up for success.  The information in each class builds on information from previous classes, so if you're doing the GOC for the first time, we strongly recommend starting with the first class and working through in order.

Click on each of the class blocks below to print handouts and/or watch the previous GOC recorded classes.

Need a Totally-Tiffany Catalog? Click here to download.