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Die & Stamp Organization with Karen

One of the biggest challenges with designing organization products, is that in most situations there is no “one size fits all” solution.  I try to make products versatile, to work at home and on the go, and to work for “gottalittles” as well as “gottalots”. The EZ2Organize product line is one of our most versatile – and popular… Continue Reading

ScrapRack Users – Tip of the Day: Use the 4 Section System

Use the 4 Section System If you’re using a ScrapRack but you haven’t embraced the 4 Section System, you could love your ScrapRack even more. The 4 Section System has benefits beyond just finding your supplies quickly and easily. Preparing for a crafting event is easier. Page and project planning is faster and more efficient.… Continue Reading

What else can you do with a Sue?

Try to “think outside the bag” when it comes to uses for the Sue Buddy Bag.  What messy stuff do you have in your home that you might want to contain? Consider gathering up all of shoe polishes, sponges, daubers, brushes and polishing cloths  – then load them into a Sue Buddy Bag. Because the bag… Continue Reading

Tip 3 from GOC #3 – Create Something.

Take a minute and create something. One way to reinforce that you are doing the right thing is to reap the benefits of your work. You’ve organized some paper. In a day or two you will have organized some embellishments. Sit down and create something using the supplies you’ve organized. Creating something will reinforce the… Continue Reading

Tip 30 – Arranging your space, less is more

Sometimes we get hung up on the “Bigger is Better” idea when it comes to craft rooms.  Certainly there are benefits to a large room, especially when you do a lot of different things, sewing and quilting need a different type of space than does paper crafting, woodworking requires a huge place where you can… Continue Reading

Tip 28 – Adding Ribbon to your organization system

This tip is targeted towards those of you (us) who are NOT ribbon junkies. Add your small amounts of ribbon right into your 4 section organization system. Put colored ribbon in the rainbow section, themed ribbon (like sports or birthday) in the themed section and holiday ribbon in the calendar year. One simple way to do… Continue Reading

3 MORE ways to use your Stadium Arranger

The Stadium Arranger was designed with crafting in mind, but it is so flexible and useful. I used a few Stadium Arrangers in the bathroom.  One under the sink, the second in a cabinet (with hair care products) and the 3rd on the counter with my Cosmetic Ensemble. Where are you using your Stadium Arrangers?  Please do share with me, either her… Continue Reading

Tip 26 – Create a color catalog

Markers, colored pencils, Inks, chalks, glitter, and even glitter glue will get used more often is you “know” the true colors of each item. Creating a color catalog is an easy way to know what you’ve got and where it is. I’m going to recommend that you use our “Peek-a-Hue” color charts to create your… Continue Reading

Tip 19 – Lighten UP!!

One of the things we try to focus on is making things easy to SEE.  We try to do this with our product designs by using “lighter” fabrics on the insides of things. Another thing we try to focus on is applying our ideas to other things.  Karen found this blog post at Crafts ala… Continue Reading

Artist Wendy Lane shares her Pencil Perch organization system

It’s always great to see how other people are using our products.  Artist Wendy Layne created this video to show her students how she is using the Pencil Perch to keep her colored pencils organized.  (Pencil Perch, Gift with purchase special available through 1/24/2017) Wendy does amazing work!! If you’ve not visited her site, you… Continue Reading

Tip 18 – ScrapRack and Roll

Getting your “Rack” to roll might be the perfect solution if you’re limited on space and need to move things around easily.   It’s also a great solution if you don’t have a dedicated craft space. I bought the cart pictured below, not specifically for my ScrapRack, but just because I’m constantly hauling things from my… Continue Reading

Tip 16 – Spinder Removal

Our 3-ring sections are made well, but the angle and weight of craft supplies can sometimes be hard on the ring mechanisms. To give your Spinders their longest life, avoid pulling on the rings themselves.  Use a blunt edged instrument, like a bone folder or butter knife, to gently separate the Spinder from the base… Continue Reading

Tip 14 – Visibility is everything!

If you’ve attended any of my classes, watched videos or read other posts, you know that I try to keep things together in patterns that our brains recognize.  One of those patterns – the rainbow. One place the rainbow gets used regularly is in our closets.  It’s fairly easy to keep things organized by color,… Continue Reading

Tip 13 – Picking Perfect Pockets

If you’re using ScrapRack pages to organize your supplies, choosing the right sized pockets for your supplies can be a little tricky. One good rule of thumb is to be sure the item in the pocket is taller than the top of the pocket. In the left side image (Trader’s Twelve Page) above, the embellishments are… Continue Reading