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Yes, I am a planner junkie

I tried to stay away from the planner aisle at my local craft store. 
I knew it would be bad...
3 planners later,
I'm a total addict!

Planner supply organization

Of course, this new addiction came with a whole new set of organization challenges.
I have kind of a mobile life - between home, work, tradeshows, etc. getting my supplies organized meant figuring out a way to move them around in a reasonable fashion. Of course my husband thinks I'm a total nut, but he loves me anyway, so I was able to convince him to help me make a little video about my initial planner supply organization attempts. You can view the video here.

After trying a variety of options, I settled on the Ditto Bag for my daily back and forth from the office.

The Ditto Tool Bag was the perfect solution for carrying planner supplies back and forth from the office without having to do any "packing up" - just grab and go.

I use a Rotating Design Board under my Ditto bag at the office so it I can easily access the supplies on both sides.  A simple flick of the wrist rotates the board & bag.

After I figured out the first issue, moving my supplies back and forth from home to office, I needed to figure out how to take them on the road.

That problem was easily solved using a 1-1/2" Punch Pack and a Debra Buddy Bag.  If you use longer markers, try the Terri Buddy Bag instead of the Debra.

I can easily load my favorite "must have" planner supplies into the Punch Pack, and the Debra holds dozens of pens.

When we travel for trade shows, I'm either on a flight or in a motorhome. The great thing about using the Punch Pack, everything stays in the tray. I can pull the tray out and put it on the table in the motorhome, or on the tray table in an airplane.
If things get bumpy or it's time to clean up, I just slide the tray back into the Punch Pack and everything is cleaned up and put away.
Choosing what to take on the road is always a little bit difficult, in the true form of a planner junkie, I want to take EVERYTHING. The size and shape of the Punch Pack helps me keep this desire under control.

I'm not the only planner junkie.  Jen Evans at Create Often also suffers from planner addiction.
She used our Companion Cart (back in stock in late Jan.) to organize her planner supplies.
She can roll them out of the way when she's doing other crafts and pull them over when she's planning.
See how Jen organizes her planner supplies:
How to organize planner supplies - p1
How to organize planner supplies - p2

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today.  Are you a planner junkie? What's your favorite planner brand and why?

Happy Planning,

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