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How to create a family timeline notebook for photo sorting.

Creating a family timeline will simplify the process of sorting, labeling and storing your family photos.  You can use a family timeline when organizing both digital and printed photos.

My goal this year is to get all of the photos in my storage closet organized and labeled.  These photos go back to before my boys were born, they're 21 and 22 now - YIKES.

Since my memory isn't what it used to be, I'm creating a new family timeline to help simplify the process.  I'm using a notebook to do this, but there are other tools you can use - index cards, or an Excel spreadsheet. I like the notebook idea because it's fun, colorful and a little crafty - hopefully at some point it will be a family heirloom too!

Supplies I used:

Step 1 - How many years will you include in your family time line notebook?

I based this on the number of pages in my notebook, 100 pages.  I figured 3 pages per year.  That's 33 years, which seems like a lot, but I started with the year my oldest son was born, and he's 23 now, so two-thirds of the book will be filled after I do my big photo sort this week.

I used my WeR Tab Punch to punch tabs for each year.

Step 2 - Label your tabs

I'm not a big fan of my own printing, so I used a label maker to print out the years.  In order to save label tape and speed up the process, I printed the years out on one long strip and then cut them apart.

WeR Tab Punch and Label maker Totally-Tiffany

Step 3 - Add tabs to your notebook

When I first started adding tabs I was trying to keep them evenly spaced and neat.  It didn't work out as I had envisioned it, so I staggered them randomly, and that was more fun. 

I didn't think about putting the tabs on the top of the pages until I was about half way through.  However, I ended up liking the tabs on the top.  

I've added embellishments to the front cover and will write on them later, after I've had a lettering lesson from Kelly Creates.

Organize photos with a family time, Totally-Tiffany

Step 4 - Start filling in your timeline

I'm using my timeline almost like a "smash" book.  I think I'll add photos, stickers, and other embellishments to it as I add notes about our family history.

I'm jumping in with this year, while everything is fresh in my memory. I like the randomness of being able to add things as I come across them when I'm sorting photos and mementos.

Family Timeline Notebook helps to organize photos, Totally-Tiffany.

As I mentioned before, there are many ways to create a family timeline.  Things that are as simple as a searchable word doc on your computer or a literal timeline on your wall, can serve the same purpose as this notebook style timeline.  The image below is the first family timeline I created.  It was very basic, but still conveyed the information I needed at the time.

A family time line will help when you're sorting photos.

Photo sorting and organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you have years and years worth of photos to get through.  Simplify the process and make it a bit more fun, by creating a family timeline.

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Happy Crafting,

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