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4 Ways to use our Kiwi Lane Template Organizers

If you've tried Kiwi Lane Templates, you've probably bought Kiwi Lane Templates.  These cool little tracing templates make creating wonderful cards and pages, fast and easy.  The only trouble with these fun tools, they're small, flat and white, so they're easy to misplace.  I worked with Susan Budge, the founder of Kiwi Lane to design a storage system that was as easy to use as the templates.  We introduced these organizers last year, and of course, since their introduction we've discovered they can be used for all kinds of things.  (As with most of my blog posts,  you can click on the images to view them larger - click on the linked text to learn more about products or shop.)

1 Kiwi Lane Templates

I know I'm stating the obvious here, but I thought I should show you a few pictures of each of the storage cards in use with KL Templates. The pockets are designed around the sizes and shapes of the templates, which also happens to be the sizes and shapes of other things in our paper crafting world.

There are 5 pocket designs (the single pocket was just released last week).

All of the storage cards tuck nicely into the lightweight box that is included with the starter set - last picture above.

2 Stickers & Embellishments

As I mentioned above, the sizes of the pockets on each card are compatible with many paper crafting supplies. 12x6, 6x6, etc., - perfect for stickers and other embellishments. Organize them following the 4 section system - Alphabets & Numbers, Themes & Sentiments, The Rainbow. Store them together in the included template storage box.

3 Stamps, Dies & Stencils

Looking for a simple, compact storage solution for small flat tools, like stamps, dies, and stencils.  The box and storage cards that are included in the starter kit are a great way to organize flat tools. Additional storage cards can be purchased separately.

I used the Kiwi Lane Big Square Storage Card (2 - 6x6 pockets) to hold all the "butterfly" tools in my collection.

  • 6x6 stencils
  • Dies
  • Stamp
  • Embossing Folder

Die Options

If you want to add a little more organization to your dies, try adding a magnet strip and/or putting your dies into one of our die, stamp & stencil pockets before you put it into the Kiwi Lane storage card pocket. Magnet strips are heavy, they don't need to be as big as the dies, just big enough to hold the dies.  I like to leave the dies hanging over the edge of the magnet, so they are easy to grab.

4 Scraps, Scraps, and more Scraps

We all have tons of scraps.  While I prefer to keep mine in The ScrapMaster, there are other good options, like the Kiwi Lane Storage cards.  There are other options as well - read my blog post about scrap storage options. 

These examples are all "colors" but you should store all of your scraps using the 4 section system, regardless of the tool you are using to store them.

You probably noticed, some of the images show a label tab sticking off the top of the card.  I used our Shut Your Flap tabs to label these cards.  There is enough space in the Kiwi Lane Storage Box for these labels to "stick up" over the top of each card.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn more about our Kiwi Lane Organizer.  Do you already own this product? If so, are you using it to store Kiwi Lane templates, scraps, tools or embellishments?  Maybe you've come up with another idea, if so, I hope you'll leave a comment and share your idea(s) with us.

Happy Crafting!

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