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12 Ways to use the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer

Round up your supplies and get ready to organize!

The Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer is a multifunction organizer that is a "must have" in your craft room. You'll love the versatility and function of this crafty organizer.

Great on you desk, in the cupboard or on an open shelf, it fits in our Companion Cart too!

I'll start with the obvious uses (click on any of the images in this post to view them larger.)  This organizer is ideal for organizing dies and stamps.  The removable sections allow you to customize compartment sizes for your unique supply collection.  Create a catalog to easily find and access exactly what you need. Use the Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets to keep sets of stamps and dies together.

Machine platforms too!

If you feel like your constantly trying to locate your die cutter platfoms, try removing the back divider from the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.  This 15" long space is the perfect home for your platforms.

Think of the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer as a "file" for your supplies.  Ideal for Kiwi Lane Template Storage cards, stencils, and even stickers.  (Sticker Organization Video)

Card blanks and envelopes

If you're a card maker, finding the right color and style of card blank is the first step in creating the perfect card.  Organize your card blanks and matching envelopes in the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer and you'll have easy visible access.  Use our companion cart to create a card making station - the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer fits perfectly in any of the 3 drawers in the cart.

Basic Tools & Punchboards

Having the tools you use all the time at your fingertips is a necessity.  The Die, Stamp, and Supply Organizer has plenty of room for everything from your favorite paper trimmer to your must-have scissors and corner rounder.

Punch board present a somewhat unique challenge because they are strange shapes, not at all flat, and usually, have other accessories.  Use the deeper sections in the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer for the boards themselves and the smaller front section for other tools and accessories.

Embossing Folders

Available in nearly every size from 3x4 to 8x8, embossing folders can be a real challenge to keep track of!  Add to the size variation to the fact that they are mostly translucent white-ish plastic and your organizing challenge is doubled.

The DSSO is a perfect nest for your embossing folders.  The removable dividers help to create sections that are the perfect size for your embossing folders.

I like to attach an image of the embossing folder design to each folder. This makes finding exact the folder I'm looking for fast and easy. I usually just cut these off the package and run them through my xyron. Learn more...

Project Life Cards & Accessories

Project Life is a fast, fun and beautiful way to scrapbook, IF you can find your supplies.  With so many options organization is important.  Use the Die Stamp & Supply organizer to group your PL cards by Theme, Event, or season.  You'll love the ease of "flipping" through your cards to find what you need quickly. Putting unused things away is a breeze too!

Planner Supplies

If you're a planner junkie like me, you know having your planner supplies accessible is part of the fun.  I used the DSSO to round up all of my basic supplies.  I also added our Stamp Pockets to hold small dies and stamps, the Shelly Buddy Bag for washi tape and a Debra Buddy Bag for pens and markers.  My favorite stamps and punch fit perfectly in the front section.

Basic Office Supplies

Yes, this craft room organizer will work in your office too!

The back section is wide enough and tall enough for file folders or envelopes.  The low front is ideal for clips, pins and bands.  I used our Clearly Organized Divider Boxes to round up and contain all the little things like paper clips, binder clips and push pins.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Are you already using our Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer? Are you using it differently than we've described here? If so, I hope you'll connect with us, either via email or social media and share your ideas!

Happy Crafting,

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