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Non-crafty ways to use Fab Files

There are 9 Fab Files in our Fab File product line.  Each of them serves multiple purposes in your craft room, but they all have a plethora of uses outside the craft room too.  If you're already using Fab Files outside of your craft room, I hope you'll leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!

4x6 Fab File - Cords & Cables 

Round up all those cords, cables, earbuds, usb adapters and store them all together in a 4x6 Fab File.

Label the side of the Fab File, then slide this handy little box onto a shelf in your office or family room.  Let your family know this is the first place, should they be searching for their missing cords.

5x7 First Aid Kit

5x7 - big first aide in a small box

Do you need a small first aid kit in your car, motorhome or at work?  Try filling a 5x7 Fab File with all of the essentials.

This lightweight box will tuck neatly under the seat, into a cupboard in your motorhome or into a deep desk drawer.

A4 / 8.5 x11 - So many things!

This Fab File was designed to hold both A4 and 8.5x11 sized paper, which makes it extremely versatile.

It's great for sorting, storing and organizing magazines, important papers and planner refills/old planner pages.

Gift bags and tissue paper

Organize your gift bags, boxes and matching tissue by, size or celebration - holiday, birthday, congratulations, new baby, etc...

Label the side of each Fab File and slide onto the shelf for easy access when you need it.  No more digging through a pile of bags to find the perfect sentiment.

Organize gift wrap by theme, holiday or sentiment with Fab Files from Totally-Tiffany.
8.5x11 tabbed divider pocket loaded with tissue paper. gift wrap organization. RF-FFA4

Mementos and heirlooms

As our children get older and head off to college we're faced with deciding what precious mementos to keep.  A Fab File can be the perfect place to contain everything from athletic ribbons to baby quilts.  When you're kids settle into a permanent home you'll be able to hand off these treasures in a neat, tidy bundle.  (This is the Jumbo Fab File.)

A few other benefits to using Fab Files - they're lightweight, inexpensive,  and portable.

Why do you like them? What do you store in yours?  Is there a dimension you wish we offered?

Please do share your ideas with us in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Tip 4 from GOC #3 – Write a mental note

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Decorate your desk organizer – Tool Tower

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Karen’s desk has been tidied up with our new desk organizers.

Karen’s desk has been tidied up with our new desk organizers.

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Deanna’s getting organized with her Desk Maid 4pc set and lots of other Totally-Tiffany stuff too!

Deanna’s getting organized with her Desk Maid 4pc set and lots of other Totally-Tiffany stuff too!

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Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

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Applying the Principles

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