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WDYDT – What did you do today?

I don't want you to freak out when I ask you this, but, what did you do today to move yourself closer to your goals?
A WDYDT notebook is something I’ve used for years and it has tremendous benefits for accomplishing goals of all sizes.  Do you want to write the next great American novel or just get your laundry done? A WDYDT notebook can help with either goal. It’s a simple way to help with focus and discipline.  If you're setting goals for 2018 and you've had trouble following through in the past, creating a WDYDT notebook might be the perfect addition to your goal setting routine. 

WDYDT notebook, goal setting, Totally-Tiffany

What is a WDYDT notebook?  –

 At different times in my life it’s been something from pretty complex to just a few sheets of paper stuck to the refrigerator with a strong magnet.  

In a nutshell your WDYDT notebook needs to be something easily accessible and very positive.  Try not to think of it as a goal tracker – that’s not what it is.  It should be motivating and inspiring as opposed to daunting or overwhelming.
Each page or section should be titled with your major goal.

For 2018 I’ve set 5 Big Goals:

  1. Plan an AMAZING trip
  2. Exercise
  3. Learn Something
  4. Grow My Business
  5. Release 6 New Products

Each of these goals has it's own plan for execution with lots of details, checklists and steps to take. Those plans are not part of the WDYDT notebook.

Create your WDYDT notebook

I’m a 2 planner girl. My large planner is used for things that require more notes/writing – like WDYDT. I added a section to the planner using a plastic divider to make it EASY to flip to. The divider is decorated with a few planner stickers. (See the top image in this post.)
Bright colored cardstock was used to create a “cover” for each goal. The covers are staggered so I see all 5 goals every time I open that section of my planner. Using the plethora of craft supplies that are hoarded in my craft room, I decorated each cover. Finally, adding a few sheets of paper to each section.

As I mentioned above, your WDYDT notebook doesn't have to be special or fancy.  If you're motivated and inspired by fancy make it that way.  If you're not, grab a few sheets of paper, title them with your goals and stick them up on the fridge.

How to use your WDYDT notebook

At the end of each day, grab a cup of coffee, can of coke or glass of wine and sit down with your WDYDT notebook. Under each of your goals make a quick note – I mean a QUICK note about what you did that day to move yourself closer to your goals. If you haven’t done anything, ask yourself “What CAN I do today?” Then do it! 

There is no requirement for the complexity of the thing you do, it can be huge or tiny.   In the example below, all I did was get online and order a travel book.  It took a total of 5 minutes, but it moved me closer to my goal of planning an amazing trip.

Small Task notes in goal planning WDYDT

Don't freak out if you haven't done anything - there is something you can do before you go to bed.

If your goal is to eat better and you had lunch at McD's, and now it's bed time, go into the kitchen and throw away that bag of chips that's been haunting you - there, you've done something, write it down!

If you're working on a huge project at work and you didn't get anything done on it today, create a checklist of the top 2 things you need to address in the morning - there, you've done something, write it down!

Large or small is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is action!

Why am I so crazy about WDYDT?

If you've been following a long with me for any length of time, you know that I spend a lot of my time learning about how our brains work and why we do or don't get things done.  One of the things I've learned in that process; if you can convince your brain (which isn't difficult to do) you're accomplishing things on a daily basis, your brain will "Go OFF!!" Rewarding you with all kinds of feel good stuff that keeps you motivated and inspired.

Completing small tasks everyday sets you up for completing big things in your lifetime.  If you've not seen Admiral McRaven's video about the benefits of making your bed, you should watch it now.  It's just a 2 minute clip, but it will inspire you to do the small stuff everyday.

The Get Organized Challenge is starting again in just a couple of weeks.  If you're planning on joining us for the challenge, consider setting up a small WDYDT notebook to help keep you focused and inspired during the challenge.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful New Year's weekend!

If you do decide to create your own WDYDT notebook, I hope you'll share it with me here or on our Facebook page.

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