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A little more about my planner addiction

If you’ve listened to me over the last few months you already know I’m a planner junkie!!!! You probably also already know I carry my planner supplies from work to home in one of our Ditto Tool Bags. It’s a perfect option; small and compact, sits flat on the floor behind the driver's seat in the car…but I wasn’t able to haul my die cutter easily.

All of that changed with my last visit to HSN. I guess I should say, all of that changed when this package arrived from HSN.

I have Beth Kingston to blame for all of this, she always makes everything look so easy and fun.

This little tool is a Diamond Press.

The Diamond Press is the "perfect for planner junkies" portable die cutter. It wasn’t designed for planner junkies, it was designed to be a small cutter that you could easily take to crops or classes, which you obviously can do. However, when it comes to planners, most of the dies and stamps are quite small, so a small cutter is all you need. The best part, it fits in my Planner Supply Ditto Bag.

Diamond Press, Planner Supply Organization.
Planner Supplies, Diamond Press, in Ditto

I filled a couple of our new small die pockets with planner dies, added them to the stamp pockets that already live in my planner supply bag and voila - I’m die cutting at home with no need to haul home the big cutter.  I LOVE IT!

Diamond Press, dies, planner supplies
Easy organization, dies in stamp pockets
Organize dies, stamps, and cutting folders.

If you're in search of a tiny die cutter - either for your planner stash or just for the convenience of having a cutter with you at a crop or class - the Diamond Press could be the perfect solution.  I believe Beth Kingston will be showing this at HSN on August 16 - learn more at

Thanks so much for stopping by today to hear a little bit about my crazy planner obsession.  Did I mention that I am currently working with not 1, but 2 planners?

Happy planning, crafting, & organizing,

Totally-Tiffany initial - get organized with me.

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