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A Bazillion ways to use the 12×12 binder

I guess I should start by telling you the difference between the 12x12 Craft Supply Binder, and the Spinder Binder.  The difference is, drum roll please...

One has a Spinder (3 ring section) included (the 12x12 Craft Supply Binder) and one does not (the Spinder Binder).  That's it.  They each have the hook and loop fabric on the inside where the Spinder connects.

They're both the same size and shape.  They both provide the same functionality.  They both hold a single Spinder.

Why would we offer 2 things that are sooo similar?  The 12x12 Craft Supply Binder (with Spinder) is designed for anyone.  The Spinder Binder is designed for crafter's who have a ScrapRack.  If you're already using a ScrapRack you may want to use Spinder Binders to "thin your rack,"  to separate and store little used categories, or to transport single categories to a crop or other craft event.

Okay, not that I've got that cleared up...let's get to the BAZILLION ways you can use these big binders.

1 - General 4 Section System supply organization

We'll start with the obvious - these binders are the perfect way to store paper and crafting supplies, especially if you don't have tons of supplies.  It's easy to organize using the 4 Section System in a binder or two.  The ScrapRack pocket pages come in 16 designs, so you're sure to find the perfect pocket sizes for the supplies/brands you love - learn more...

2 - Taking a small collection/section to an event or store

Taking a single section with you to a crafting event is very simple, lightweight and compact when you use the 12x12 Craft Binder or Spinder Binder.

This is also helpful if you're shopping for scrapbooking supplies and need to add to, or match supplies you already own, for a particular theme or event.

3 - Project Planning - Scrapbooking

Planning a scrapbooking project is a breeze when you can combine all of the photos, mementos, journaling notes and special supplies together in one place.  The dimensions of the 12x12 binder are ideal for scrapbooking supplies, but also for large mementos, maps, over sized photos too. Of course the Perfect Six pocket page is my favorite for organizing photos by layout.

4 - Catalog

If you've been following along with me for any length of time, you know I'm constantly espousing the joys of having your dies, stamps, punches, embossing folders...etc,. cataloged.

The 12x12 binder allows you to create your catalog in 12x12 format so it fits in nicely with the rest of your supplies.

5 - Tracing Templates - like Kiwi Lane

How to organize Kiwi Lane with Totally-Tiffany ScrapRack SDR P59 P82

The 12x12 dimensions and pocket configurations are ideal for Kiwi Lane tracing templates.  Flipping through frames and borders or shapes and accessories is very visual. You can also store pre-cut pieces in the pockets with your templates for use later.  I would suggested the Flippin' Storage Page, the Vertical Four, and the Vertical Double.

6 - Stencils

Stencils in nearly every shape and size can be organized with a variety of ScrapRack pocket pages.  The most common sizes are the Fabulous Four (6x6 pockets), the Fantastic Five (5x7 pockets) and the Trader's Twelve (3x4 pockets).

I like to put a piece of paper or cardstock between each stencil - it makes them easier to slide in and out.

7 - Embossing Folders

Embossing folders are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, with 4x6 and 5x7 being the most common.  I would recommend creating a catalog of your embossing folders and organizing it by theme, sentiment, and holiday.  Creating a section in your catalog called "backgrounds" will help you remember all of the different designs you have available.

8 - Project Life Cards

Project Life brand, as well as other "pocket" scrapbooking brands come in  standard sizes - 3x4 and 4x6 being the most common.

The Trader's Twelve pocket page has 12 - 3x4 pockets, the Perfect Six pocket page has 6 - 4x6 pockets.  These two ScrapRack page designs will help you create an easy to access Project Life supply binder.

9 - Organize supplies by type

Keeping supplies together by type can be helpful if you're using them for a specific purpose.  I used a few different styles of ScrapRack pocket pages to create my "flower power binder."  I use the flowers in this binder when I'm making thank you cards away from my studio.  The best pages for my flower collection - the Straight Eight and the Fantastic Five.

10 - Keep "designers" together

If your goal is to keep things together by designer or brand, the 12x12 binder is a perfect solution.

Keeping this collection of Lea France collage stencils together in 1 binder makes it easy to choose the the perfect stencil for my project.  All of these stencils are 12x12 so the Super SizedSingle page is ideal.  I also kept the packaging for in the pocket with each stencil for reference and ideas.

11 - Projects - Mixed Media

Organize mixed media and other projects, SDR, WBDR totally-tiffany 12x12

When you buy all the pieces for a particular project, keeping them together is a necessity.  Using a variety of page styles you'll be able to store things you're going to use together, both efficiently and visually.  When you're ready to create, you'll love the ease of flipping through the pages to find each of the project pieces as you need them.

12 - Quilting and needlework

I have to give my mother credit for this idea.  When she travels she always takes a project and it's usually sewing/quilting/needlework.  The 12x12 binder is large enough to hold a large embroidery hoop. The pocket pages can hold smaller quilting blocks, embroidery floss, other project pieces.  She appreciates how lightweight the binder is when she's hauling things from her car to her hotel room.

A couple of tips...

Full binders travel better.

When you zip your binder closed, if it's full all of the pages and pockets compress just enough to hold everything in place.  So don't be concerned about putting too much into each page or too many pages into the binder, if you can zip it closed your in good shape.

Travel with 12x12 Craft binder
Turn pages from the upper right to keep supplies neatly in the pockets.

Turn the pages from the upper right hand corner

The pockets all have a "flap" designed to help keep things where they belong, but gravity does have an effect.  When you're flipping pages in your binder, flip from the upper right hand corner and you'll be happy with the result.

Standing your binders up on a shelf

When you see my binders all standing up nice and neat on an open shelf, that's because I've added shelf dividers.  I found mine on Amazon, they're designed for closets, so search "closet shelf dividers" if you're looking for them. These are an inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use solution.

Sorry I don't have a picture of my shelves, I'll try to add one later.

Metal Shelf Divider for Binders

Well, I may not have come up with a full Bazillion ideas for using the 12x12 binder, but I bet you'll each come up with a few more ideas of your own.  Please do use the comment box to share your ideas with the rest of us, maybe we can reach a Bazillion together.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Happy Crafting,

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