How can our P71 Project Planner help you stay organized?

Like so many of our products, the P71 is very versatile.  It will serve you well in multiple situations.

The history of the P71 Project Planner

This multi-pocket page originally started as a much flatter version.  It was designed to hold coordinating products – “keeping things together that you use together”.  I had a few small sections in my ScrapRack that were spread out over 2-3 pages.  The idea of being able to combine all 3 of those pages into a single page and “thin” down my ScrapRack made sense.  Less to look through and more to see.

This idea gave birth to the P75 – which was the flatter version.  It worked well, but only held a couple of sheets of paper, and a few flatter embellishments.

It was a Facebook Group member that actually suggested “gusseting” out the pockets to hold more stuff.  I was a little hesitant at first, but after I received the first samples from the factory, I started thinking about all of the other uses for this page design.

The obvious use – 1 complete Theme all in one place

P71 Project Planner Themed

Perfect for big bulky themes.  Washi tape, ribbon, eyelets, 3D stickers, and so much more fit into the gusseted pockets.

You can even use one of our Large Shut Your Flap tabs to create a “divider-like” tab on these pages (or on any of our pages).

The not-so-obvious – Memento Storage

P71 momentos
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Memento Storage.  Keeping all of the mementos together from a trip, event, or even a child’s school year, can make scrapping those events so much easier.  If you’re using a 3-ring type album, you may even be able to add your memento filled P71 Project Planner page to the back of the album. (P71s do not fit in all brands of albums.)

The ideas you may never have thought of – Mixed Media, Quilting, Needlework

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Have you purchased all of the supplies you need for a particular project and then misplaced them?   Do you like to travel with small quilting or needlework projects?  The P71 is the perfect choice.  My mother, who is a fabulous quilter, sent me her example/idea for keeping a small quilting project all together.   She mentioned this worked really well if you were taking your quilt to class or working on a “block of the month” type project.

So as you can see, while the P71 has some humble and limited beginnings, it can really be a work horse when it comes to helping you get and stay organized.

Have you discovered another use for our Project Planner?  If so, I hope you’ll share it with me.

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