Choosing the ScrapRack package that’s right for you.

The ScrapRack is component driven.

This means the components are available as individual items. This is part of our design concept and will never change. Once you get started you can add to your system a little at a time as needed.  This article details pre-assembled ScrapRack packages.

The ScrapRack is expandable.

If you start with a single ScrapRack base, when your supply stash grows, you can easily add a ScrapRack Expansion base (or 2, or 3 or...). If you need to “expand” but you don’t have space for multiple ScrapRack bases, you can store extra items on Spinders in our Spinder Binder Cover.

ScrapRack Spinders are a standard 3-hole punch.
You can use anything you’re currently using in a “notebook” on your ScrapRack.  Learn more about basic ScrapRack Components.

Which components are NECESSARY to get started?

The Basic ScrapRack: This is your foundation. Once you have a Basic you can add as many Expansion Bases as you need.

Spinders: Your first Basic Rack will hold 7 of these 3 Ring Sections.

Storage Pages: Our basic organization pages come in a variety of designs. Start with a least one Variety Pack. You’ll save money and get to try a variety of pages.

Dividers: The Dividers add stability to your pages and help you flip from section to section quickly and easily. We recommend 1-2 dividers per spinder.

How do you know what you need?

Truthfully, you’re going to need it all. Realistically, you need to start where you’re comfortable (based on finances, space available, time commitment to actually getting your system organized and operating). Here are a couple of guidelines for making the right choice.

Choose the scenario that best matches who you are:

You're brand spanking new!

Welcome to Scrapbooking, we’re so glad you’re here! You’ve made a great choice by looking into organization early in your “addiction.”

The New Girl ScrapRack Package includes everything you should invest in to get started:
A Craft Binder
32 Storage Pages
A Set of 5 Dividers
An extra Spinder

What you should do with these products?

Begin sorting, storing and organizing in the 4 Section System. The Craft Binder will hold up to 3 Spinders. Initially you may need only one or two, but you’ll certainly grow into a 3rd one. You may want to start out using the 3rd Spinder as your “Holding Album.” This is a place where you can “hold" your pictures, memorabilia, journaling notes, and special supplies all together. We strongly recommend the holding album method to all our clients.

You’ve been scrapping for a year, and really enjoy it.

A ScrapRack system is a great investment for you. Once you’ve caught the scrapbooking bug the fever never dies.  Get organized early now and stay organized as long as you're scrappin'.

The "Move In" to a ScrapRack Starter Package  will be a perfect place to start.  It includes:
1 Basic ScrapRack with wings and 7 Spinders
Assorted Storage Pages

What should you do when the Move In Package arrives?

Pull all of your supplies out of their current “hiding places” and sort them into the 4 Section System. Remember to incorporate EVERYTHING: buttons, brads, beads, glitter, papers, scraps, embellishments….Read more about the 4 Section System by clicking here.

You’ve got a few years of scrapping under your belt.

You love it - all of it - including being able to get to a crop, class or friend’s house easily and without a lot of “packing” and “unpacking." One of the best features of the ScrapRack is its versatility. The base unit can stay at home and you can take just the components you need with you when you go to a crop or class. Making getting there an amazingly simple process – unpacking after the event is easy, too!

The ScrapRack Bigger Bundle is a great place to start.  It includes:
1 ScrapRack Base Unit with Wings and 7 spinders
3 Sets of 5 Dividers
110 Storage Pages
5 Sideloader Specialty Storage Pages
5 Expanding Project Planner Pages
1 Dust Cover

What you should do with the ScrapRack Bigger Bundle Starter Pack: We strongly recommend to all of our clients that they set aside a specific time and day to “move” into their ScrapRack. If you can get it all sorted and organized in a day or two you’ll be able to stay organized and start scrapping immediately. Before you begin the organization process watch the online videos and read our 4 Section System article. Once you’ve gotten all of your supplies organized on your base unit, you’ll be able to easily remove the sections you want to work with at a crop or class. Add a Craft Binder to easily transport up to 3 sections of your ScrapRack to a crop or class.

You LOVE to Scrap!

You've been doing it for 5 years, maybe 10 or more. Regardless of the number of years, you love it and you believe you’ll always be involved. You’ve also accumulated LOTS of Stuff. Scrapper, you need at least a Double-Wide and that means you need our biggest package:

Super Crafter Combo Package:
ScrapRack Basic with Wings and 7 spinders
1 Expansion Base Unit with 8 spinders
110 Storage Pages
15 Tabbed Dividers
Labeling Tab
...and more - get the details.

To get the most out of your ScrapRack investment, be sure to read/watch the 4 Section System information - here's a link.  There are also tons of videos, tips, tricks and printables available.  Follow Tiffany on YouTube if you want to get a notification time a new video is posted.

This incredible system will give you a foundation of organization that your friends and fellow scrappers will marvel over. Even if you have a room dedicated to your hobby, this system will make finding your supplies so fast and easy!  Not only will you get more done, you’ll have more fun and completely avoid the frustration of spending lots of time digging and searching for things.

If you have more or specific questions about the system that’s right for you, please feel free to contact us with your questions. Remember one of the most wonderful things about The ScrapRack is that it is “Component Driven”, which allows you to build the system that is perfect for YOU.
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