Create a Flower Power Binder

As you probably already know, the majority of my craft supplies are stored right here in my office at "the office."   That means, whenever I'm going to work on something at home, I need to pack it up and take it with me.  Not usually a big deal - I pull a couple of Spinders off my ScrapRack, toss them in a Craft Binder, and off I go.

Currently though, I'm working on a big card making project that requires just two types of embellishments, washi tape (my fave!) and flowers.

I didn't want to haul my whole rainbow section back and forth - so I had to come up with another strategy.

The Flower Power Binder was born!

Organize Flower Embellishments iwth Totally-Tiffany

It was easy to put this together.  I just went through the Rainbow section on my ScrapRack and took out the pages that were loaded with flowers.  I arranged those pages into one of our 12x12 Craft Supply Storage Binders (or Spinder Binder) in rainbow order and - Voila'!

If you're not already using the ScrapRack and/or my 4-Section System to organize your flowers, I would strongly recommend it.  Generally flowers come in mixed boxes, jars, or cans.  It's difficult to know what is actually in each of these types of containers without dumping them all out.

My advice to you: sort the containers by color and size, then store them in that same way.  You'll be able to see if you have enough flowers in the right colors to create your project before you get started.

How to organize flower embellishments with The ScrapRack and Totally-Tiffany

What are the best ScrapRack pages for organizing flowers?

Of course, the size of your flowers will dictate which pages work best for your collection, but I found the Trader's Twelve, Straight Eight, and Fantastic Five pages to be the best for the flowers I had in my stash.

The Trader's Twelve

This page has 12 pockets.  Each pocket is 3" wide by 4" deep.

It's easy to reach into these pockets with your fingers and pull out flowers in a variety of sizes.

The Straight Eight

This page has 8 long skinny pockets.  Each is 3" wide by 6" deep.

I like that I can put larger flowers in the bottom of the pocket and smaller flowers of the same color in the top.  Because these pockets are deep, I used a 2" x 5" zip lock type bag to hold the tiny flowers making it easier to get them out of the pockets.

The Fantastic Five

This page has 4 pockets that are each 5x7 and 1 tiny cute pocket in the center.  It's the perfect size for larger flowers.  It also keeps your flowers flat.  If you've pulled flowers out of a bag or can, you know the petals sometimes get bent.  Flatten them out and put them in a pocket, then when you need them they'll be in great shape!

Thanks  for stopping by today to learn a bit about my Flower Power Binder.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

Happy Crafting,

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