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Week 4 – Organizing your workspace, steps to take

There are a few simple steps you and take to ensure that your workspace is well and useable.

Step 1 - Create a sketch

Draw out your workspace as an open area - just the square footage. Then consider the worktable/desk, shelves, and other furnishings you currently own. How are they placed in the space?  Is there a better way to position them? Can you reposition them so you'll be sitting in the center of a "U" - surrounded on 3 sides by easy to reach craft supplies?

Sometimes the easiest way to create a "U" shape is to add a couple of rolling carts to an existing straight desk or "L" shaped desk.

Step 2

Map out your actual workspace.  How much area do you have for creating your projects?  I would recommend at least 30" wide by 24" deep for scrapbooking projects and at least 24" wide by 20" deep for card making or other papercrafting projects.  Keep in mind that you'll need room for the project, the supplies, AND yourself too.

Clean, Empty Workspace, Studio, Totally-Tiffany

It's best if you can start with an empty space or somewhat empty space.  If it's possible to move everything out of sight while you reset your workspace it will be worth the effort.

Tiffany's 7'x7' craft room, organization

Step 3

Make a list of the tools and supplies you use all the time.  This should include everything from small tools like scissors and rulers, to large items like die cutting machines and paper trimmers - but only if you use them EVERY time.

These are the things that need to be within arms reach when you're crafting.

Totally-Tiffany scrapbooking, card maiking and stamping tool organizers.

Step 4

Choose storage items that work in your space.

Now that you know how much space you have on your desktop, what do you need to make it efficient?

ScrapRack Craft Supply Organizer on desktop save time and money.

DeskMaid organizers are designed to put your supplies at your fingertips. These open and easily accessible organizers can help you organize everything from scissors and rulers to ink bottles and washi tape.

What about the shelves behind your desk?  Do you need to add a few more shelves or just a few more holes for shelf brackets so you can better adjust your shelves to hold your supplies - keep in mind the left to right, back to front, top to bottom (L2R, T2B, B2F) idea, your goal is to eliminate the "air" space without compromising ease of access.

In the image below, I adjusted the shelf height to perfectly accommodate Fab Files in a variety of sizes. For example, cards, card blanks, photos, embossing folders, etc. are in the smaller Fab Files, and paper, large stencils, project packs, etc. are in the larger Fab Files.

One shelf has been positioned for Buddy Bags (Edna or Myrel) - loaded with everything from ribbon to glitter glue.

Shelf left to right, top to buttom, back to front

IKEA type cube storage can also be filled in the same way.  Maximize the number of products and access to those products with the right storage tools.

The 5 Drawer Stash and Store box or any number of Punch & Supply Packs can really help take your supplies vertically - you're saving space AND increasing accessibility.

Printable Shopping Lists

Download and save or print these lists to help you plan your purchases during the Really Big SALE!

Workspace Organizers

Desk Maid

Fab Files

Buddy Bags

Punch & Supply Packs


The Clickable Craftroom

A place for everything, and everything in its place! That is what we strive to create with our Totally-Tiffany organizers and products.

If you have ever wonder what our products would look like being used together, and how we might set them up in a space, then check out our Clickable Craftroom page!

On the page, you can see how we have used some of our products to organize our own craft supplies and craft space.

Choosing the right workspace organizers will be unique to your craft area. The 2 most important things to keep in mind:

1. Can I see and access the tools/supplies I use every time I craft?

2. Do I have space to create a project?

Happy Crafting,

T Totally-Tiffany Logo, Pink Block ini

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