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8 ways to use the 1″ Stamp, Punch & Supply pack

There are literally dozens of ways to use the 1" Stamp, Punch & Supply pack.  If you're unfamiliar with our Punch & Supply packs, read - Why you'll love our Stamp, Punch & Supply packs - for more details on why this is such a popular group of products.  These are a few of my favorite uses, but I'm sure you'll think of many more.  When you do, I hope you'll use the comment box at the end of this post to share those uses with me/us.

Portable necessities

Roaming around in a motorhome has it's benefits, but space is not one of them.  I used a couple of 1" P&S packs for basic necessities - office supplies, cords & cables, even a small first aid kit. These are easy to squeeze into a small space and the office supply pack can fit perfectly in the pocket on the passenger door.

Small Ink pads

Memento, Tim Holtz small distress pads, ink dots...these small ink pads can be difficult to keep track of.  Round them all up and store them in a 1" P&S pack.  Colors are easy to see, and the pull out tray makes even the bottom row of inks easily accessible.

Baker's twine by the dozens

Colorful and fun to use, baker's twine can be a pain when it begins to unravel.  If you've got all of your twine stored together in a 1'' P&S pack, you won't have to worry if it unravels a bit.  It will stay clean and visible too.

Glitter glues & re-inker bottles

You'll be able to store up to 33 small bottles in the 1" P&S pack.  Ideal for things like Stickles, Pearls, and re-inkers.  Store the bag on it's side if you like to try and keep your little bottles upside down.

Ever bury your MISTI or your Stamp Scrub?

Flat tools and supplies have a way of disappearing under piles of paper in a craft room.  Use a 1" P&S pack to corral tools like the MISTI or small WeR Punch Boards.  Label the side and put them on your shelf like a library.  Visible and accessible.

17 QQ Powder Puff Chalk Inks

If you've tried 1 of these inks, you've probably purchased them all! Great colors and easy to use!  Store them all together in a  1" P&S pack - they'll be easy to grab when you're ready to use them, and easy to travel with too.

Of course, your punches and stamps fit in the 1" Punch & Supply Pack

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a bit about using our 1" Punch & Supply packs to help organize your craft supplies.

If you need help getting organized, I hope you'll sign up to join me, and a few thousand other crafters, for the Get Organized Challenge.  It's fun, It's Free, and you'll feel FABULOUS when you're supplies are organized.

Happy Crafting,

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